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If you had only 6 months left to live, what is the most important thing you would change?

On change, resistance, motivation, impact… and cancer!

One of the most common phrase I hear during my sessions, is:”I know I should…” We often know what we want to change, but knowing is not enough to actually do the changes.

Isn’t fascinating to see how in the same situation different persons will react differently?

One big reason some decide to, and do change, is that, for whatever reason, they finally see the link between their current situation, and their future situation. (Yeah, that’s when the cancer story goes, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to know)

They see what is going to be their situation if they don’t change. What the domino effect will be in one week, one month, next year… What the impacts will be on them, their loved ones, their business, etc.

And also, they see the link between their actions today, however small, and the results in the future. And again this is a domino effect kind of thing: The smallest action today can totally change the way we do things, and have great impact in one year.

What is one thing you know you want to change?

Take a few minutes to brainstorm the impacts in your life today, tomorrow, next month, next year, in ten years…

  • impacts if you just carry on like you currently do: impacts on your life, and on the life of your family, friends…
  • impacts if you finally make the change you want: impacts on your life, and on the life of your family, friends…

What is the smallest change you could do today?

Keep it simple and easy. Simple and easy might not be impressive, but it is bloody effective!

Do just this small thing differently. And consistently, day after day, look at the impacts of that tiny change.

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