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What are you the living example for?

On sailing, dreams, inspiration, courage, blogs and strangers …

When I was a teenager, I had a dream, a very precise and persistent dream, to travel and live on a sailing-boat. It took years, but I eventually did it.

I started a blog to keep my family and my friends updated. But it ended up with strangers reading it, and I got some very touching emails of total strangers thanking me to show them it was possible.

Seeing my website gave them the permission to dream and the permission to think they weren’t so crazy after… And more importantly, go do it.

Forward a lot of years, I was offered to write a chapter in a book called Conscious Leaders. At first, I didn’t identify with the theme, but I eventually accepted; and as I went on to write my chapter, it began to be clearer and clearer to me how in some ways I was a leader.

As I was writing, I went always further back in my story, until I realized I released how much deciding to live and sail on a boat, and then make it happen, was the starting point for so many things that seem unrelated today.

Of course it is so much easier to connect the dots looking backwards, and see the kind of domino effect, one thing leading to another.

I don’t know what you’re doing in your life. I don’t know what dream you have. But here is something I only realized when I got these emails from strangers, when I began to have conversations with strangers that were telling me: “Wow, this is great what you’re doing, I want to do the same!”.

Whenever we do something bold and dear to our heart, often we don’t realize that we give permission to others to do the same. Be it only inspiring them to hold on to their dream, and maybe even try to do it. We are the living example of saying:”Yes, this is possible.”.

And we can be the voice of the supporting friends they might not have. Because the other face of doing something bold, is there likely will be people around you lovingly projecting their fears onto you. Whatever you’re dreaming, or in the making of, maybe you have no-one around to support that dream, like me when this sailing thing was just an idea in my heart.

So hold on, and one day, you might like I did, see yourself holding your book, and see that you are on the other side of that dream. Once you were reading these books to give you inspiration, hope and courage, and now you are the source of all of this for others.

What are you the source of inspiration for?

One thing I heard more and more, was :”Wow, you are so courageous!”

I didn’t feel courageous. I didn’t feel that courage was what I needed to do all of this. But people saw this in me, for various reasons, and they felt this kind of “If she can, I can too” boost.

In your life, what is something people see in you, even you yourself don’t particularly identify with that quality?

What are you seen as, that is so natural for you that you don’t even realize they might envy this thing?

You are the living example of that. In that way, you are already a leader.

Ignite for conscious leader

In case you’re curious about this chapter I’m mentioning in the podcast, you can find it here in the Integrally Alive toolkit.

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