Sparkling life online program: From resistance to resilience (early-bird discount)

An introduction to quitting stress & living the life you choose

Are you looking for ways to manage your stress? What if you didn’t need to manage it at all? What if you were already resilient?

In this program, you will learn what stress really is (and why and how it can be your ally), and how to grow resilience: your power to stay connected to life, even in tough times.
Through easy to digest, actionable audio lessons, you will explore your different intelligences and learn how each of them can help you quit stress.

How would be your life if you were allowed to express all the dimensions of who you are? How irrelevant could stress become, if you could replace all the “I don’t know, I can’t I shouldn’t…” with a clear and loud “YES, and…” to life?

This is the process we’ll step into: An introduction to going from resistance to resilience.

And you won’t be alone: the program gives you free access to a community of life sparklers, who are on this journey with you. Because we all know it: If you want to travel fast, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go together.

What you will learn:

The program is divided into three modules, and 11 audio lessons.
You will receive a new lesson every day, so over two weeks you will have covered all the material.
The real gem though lies in the explorations in each lesson: each day, you will learn something new, and get an exploration to experience this learning throughout your day.
That is why you can go through the course a first time, and repeat to go deeper. Awareness is limitless!

Module 1: How much do you know about stress?

1 Stress is a survival skill

  • The word “stress” has become so common that the meaning is kind of blurry today.
  • What is stress, how is it actually necessary in your life.

2 Stress is a response

  • How does stress show up in your body.
  • You will learn the base of how your nervous system works.
  • The different stress responses.

3 The many faces of chronic stress

  • Stress really is the tree that hides the forest.

4 The problem with stress management

  • And what we can do instead.
  • You will explore your resources in the face of stress.

Module 2: Meet resilience… And grow it!

5 How resilient are you?

  • Resilience is one of this word, that is mistaken a lot.
  • The three levels of resistance, and their link to tough times (the moment we need resilience the most).
  • You will learn what resilience is, and how to recognize it in your life.

6 Pain vs suffering

  • A key lesson to begin to grow resilience in your life.
  • You will explore a fun exercise to begin to shift your relationship to tough times… and go from resistance to resilience.

7 Listening to the pain

  • You will go deeper and step into the first pillar of resilience.
  • And learn how we can learn from challenges instead of being a victim of them.

Module 3: Who are you in the world? Embodying your Self

8 What kind of intelligent are you?

  • We often mistake intelligence for rational, intellectual intelligence.
  • You will discover your other intelligences: you are a multidimensional human being, and have a multidimensional sense of Self!

9 Is it OK to be you?

  • It is easy to feel that an aspect of our self is too much, or not enough, or… In some way or another, not OK. And as a result we tend to suppress it.
  • You will learn why expression is the key to a healthy bodymind, and go deeper in the exploration of your multiple intelligences.

10 The art of taming elephants

  • You know, these issues that are so big we can’t ignore them, but still pretend they don’t exist… Well, there is a way to tame them!
  • You will learn why there are there (hint: it is not all about you), and how to tame them.

Module 4: Being present to life

11 just observing? Yes! And,…

  • This is where the puzzle comes together.
  • You will learn how applying the “Yes! And,…” rule can ease your life.
  • At that point, you might want to repeat the course to use this new awareness of yours and go deeper into your presence to life.

What you get

  • 11 easy to digest, actionable, audio lessons & explorations: no need to watch a screen, easy to listen anywhere, like commuting to work for example.
  • You can download the lessons (I get it, not everywhere in the world can you get tip-top internet access).
  • Access to the Integrally Alive private community, with me and the other students, where can find support, share your struggles and wins, and ask any question you need.

Get it now!

If you are reading this, you got the link to the early-bird secret page. What does that mean? Simply that the course is not released yet to the public, only to a few… At a ridiculously special price!

As a thank you for being the first ones in taking the leap to your resilient self, today the course is at only 19$. As you can imagine, this price will go up as soon as it is launched publicly.
Yet, as an early-bird, you will get all the future updates totally free.
And you are part of the community, forever.

So if you are ready to take the first step towards releasing stress from your life and growing resilience, you can register simply by sending the super early-bird 19$ course fee to http://PayPal.Me/embodiedtribe

You will then receive the course on your email automatically. (starting monday 11th February)

If PayPal is not an option for you, please email and we’ll secure your place with a different payment method.

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