Sparkling life Call series

A series of 8 LIVE sessions with Claire Wild

Get the answers you need: 8 weeks, 8 calls, 8 themes… One direction: shifting from stress to resilience!
Starting: Soon!

You don’t have to do it alone!

Online programs are great, but it can get daunting to do it alone… On this calls series, YOU make the program: I will announce a theme for each call, and you ask the questions you need about it, either live during the call, or sending it to me prior to the call.
You will also be part of a private group, for that event only, a safe space to share this journey together.

Of course you will get the most out of this series if you are on the live calls because I will give priority to live questions; but what if you miss one? And you might even want to listen to a call again.
Everything is fine, the calls will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it when you can.

What we will cover

We are multidimensional beings, living a multidimensional life.
During these eight weeks, we will explore each week a different dimension of our self, with two main focus in mind:

  • Stress, how does it show up and affects us? How to shift to resilience?
  • Resilience, what is it and how to grow it?

So by the end of the series, you will have a clear idea of:

  • what are these dimensions of your Self
  • what you can do to grow resilience where you need it
  • some solutions to avoid stress
  • how to make these dimensions of your self, these intelligences, work together, so helping one is supporting all of them.

Within the set general theme, you can ask any question you want and need.
Here are the themes for each week, and some ideas on what we could discuss, should your questions go in that direction:

Call 1 — Welcome + Resilience & stress

Welcome to the program, and…

  • resilience; what is it, how to grow it.
    • grit, pushing through
    • being strong or being resilient?
    • courage
    • challenges, crisis… catastrophes or opportunities?
  • stress; what is it, really?
    • stress response, stressors
    • trauma
    • stress vs pressure

Call 2 — the 6 different intelligences + Physical awareness / intelligence

  • what are our 6 intelligences / awarenesses / senses of self
    • the multidimensional self
    • tensegrity, our Self as a system
  • Physical (or somatic) intelligence
    • how does stress affects our physical body?
    • how to grow our physical resilience?
    • proprioception, kinesthetic sense
    • dealing with / avoiding anguish, and / or panic attacks
    • diet
    • gut health, what does it have to do with stress? Why is it so important?

Call 3 — Energetic awareness / intelligence (vitality)

  • how does stress affects our energetic body (vitality)?
  • how to grow our energetic resilience?
  • procrastination
  • motivation
  • what is a balanced nervous system? (and why is it important?)
  • everything sleep / rest, insomnia
  • work / life balance
  • dealing with / avoiding frustration, FOMO, overwhelm, burn-out

Call 4 — Emotional awareness / intelligence

  • how does stress affects our emotional intelligence?
  • how to grow our emotional resilience?
  • emotional intelligence
  • self-worth vs self-esteem
  • the epidemic of “I am enough-doubting”
  • emotion vs feeling
  • negative / positive emotions?
  • how to avoid getting stuck in an emotional pattern
  • dealing with / avoiding “feeling down”, depression

call 5 — Intellectual awareness / intelligence

  • how does stress affects our intellectual intelligence?
  • how to grow our intellectual resilience?
  • storytelling! (everything is a story)
  • perception
  • negative thoughts cycle
  • mental chatter
  • healthy self-control
  • analysis paralysis
  • dealing with / avoiding anxiety & worry

call 6 — Relational awareness / intelligence

If emotional intelligence is the way we relate to our-self, relational intelligence is the way we relate to others.

  • how does stress affects our relational intelligence?
  • how to grow our relational resilience?
  • boundaries (acknowledging and setting healthy boundaries)
  • needs / want / desires
  • healthy communication
  • listening, being heard
  • releasing judgment (of self and others)
  • compassion vs empathy
  • self-esteem
  • dealing with / avoiding mood swings and hyper-sensitivity

call 7 — Spiritual awareness / intelligence

  • how does stress affects our spiritual intelligence?
  • how to grow our spiritual resilience?
  • living a meaningful life?
  • cultivating awareness and mindfulness
  • victim vs responsible (or life is happening to me vs life is happening for me)
  • living vs alive
  • dealing with / avoiding resistance, isolation, denial
  • having a big picture for our life

call 8 — Integration call

  • how does it all integrates into our daily life?
  • How do we “do” life, from all these intelligences?
  • this will pretty much be a ask me anything call!
  • Whatever question you still have can go here.

What you get

  • 8 Q&A calls, where you get to ask the questions you need.
  • Access to the recordings.
  • Access to a private community of life sparklers, to share your journey with: your safe space to find support and acknowledgement on your way to resilience and the life you choose. Once you’re in, you are part of the community forever.

What this is not

While you will get to ask anything you want on the call’s theme, due to the group format, this cannot be private coaching. I will answer your personal questions, but if you need in-depth help, then a 1 on 1 session is more indicated.

If you think you would like to work with me privately though, it can be a good way to get to know me and have a feel of how I work; these calls will cover the basics of my framework.

Are you ready for resilience?

This is not for everyone. It takes courage to dare vulnerability and get pass old patterns and conditioning.
So if:

  • You are ready to commit to bring awareness in your life
  • You are ready to quit stress and habitual patterns holding you back
  • You are ready to choose and create your life
  • You are ready to show up and ask the questions you need, to get the answers that will get you unstuck

Then this program is for you!

How does it work?

The video calls will happen

Stay tuned to get it at early-bird price!

Registration are opened for the tribe! Get on the list today and join us on the calls.


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