IAM connected – (Integrally Alive Mouvement, connected)

Join us here… And stay tuned, this is only a beginning, there is more to come!

It is OK to be me!

Can you relate if I say to you that one thing that makes me feel alive is human connection? You know, being present to myself, and connecting to others, in a deep and authentic way. Come on, who wouldn’t be up for an Oxytocyn shot?

And yet, do you know what is one of the most common human experience? Well, Let me ask you: “Have you ever felt isolated, weird, or different?” Each time I ask this question, most hands go up… Yes, welcome to human experience, you are not alone!
No matter how successful we are, we all know the feeling. And it seems that the more we are becoming digitally connected, the more we disconnect on a human level.

So how about experiencing a space where it is safe to be you, 100% you… And allow yourself be seen, heard, acknowledged without any agenda, with only compassion, and kindness.

Let’s all master Private speaking!

This is my vision for humanity!
Let’s all be skilled at owning our stories and expressing ourselves authentically. Let’s all be masters at listening with unconditional presence and kindness.
Let’s all be present, to our selves, and others, 100%, so that we can Sparkle life together!

Welcome to the “IAM connected whanau”

Whanau, extended family, community, tribe… As in: “I am here with and for you, we are safe here to stand in our truth, I see your beauty as you reflect mine, as I allow myself to shine out… To Sparkle life in my very own way.”

Join us here… And stay tuned, this is only a beginning, there is more to come!

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