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How often do you do what makes you come alive?

I like to try new things. But some things are so good that I like to repeat them again and again. Like my favorite questions:”What makes you feel alive?

What makes you feel alive?

If you’re familiar with the podcast, you will recognize this question: I love it so much, that I used to end every interview of season one with it. And it was beautiful to hear the answers, always different, always inspiring (so much so that I dedicated the last episode of the season to this question alone).

The answers were very diverse, showing the uniqueness of my guests, and had all something in common: they were simple things. Like feeling the warm touch of sun on the skin, singing, smelling the morning breakfast, cooking for the family or friends, cooking for oneself, swimming in the sea, reading a book on a rainy day…

Isn’t beautiful how the best things in life are the simplest?

We often ask ourselves big and somewhat complicated questions, like: I need to find my passion, I need to figure out my audience, how can I trust again, where I want to settle, with who would I want to settle, is s/he the right one to spend the rest of my life with, how can I connect with myself…

These are BIG questions, and we think we need BIG answers, so they must come in BIG ways: We need to go on a two weeks retreat in the desert, or use the fifteen-step process to transform, or go through the six month course on finding my inner child…

And then… when we have done the process, then, we will have THE answer.
The thing is, what do we do until then? We just hold our breath, half living? Not a very nice feeling, right? (I know, I’ve tried 😉 )

Behind all of these questions, is the same need to connect to our Self

Though these questions sound grandiose, they hide the same need to remember who we are, at the core, behind the identity we build for living in society. Possibly my favorite quote sums it up very elegantly:

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman

And as we get caught up in our agendas and to-do lists, we tend to forget the simple things that makes us come alive.

There is an easy and effective way to remember it: make a list of what makes you come alive. Duh!, is it that simple? Well, yes!

On mine, there is dancing (of course, what did you expect 😉 ), traveling, singing, being in nature, seeing friends, meeting people, laughing, smiling to random people, lying in the sun, watching the rain pouring down from a cosy place with a cup of tea warming my hands, recording a video for you…

Some require some set up in advance, some are super easy and always available.

Most of the time, we just do it, and don’t need this reminder.

But the day we feel like we need a 10-step plan to happiness, or THE super strategy to find our place in the world, that’s when the list helps to keep it simple.

These days, we can pick the easiest thing available to us right now and do it. Because these days, we might not even have the energy to think about those things, they might be out of sight.

And often, just doing an item of the list will be all we need to remember: “Hey, it is not as complicated as it seems!”.

And sometimes, it will be a bit more complex; but we will have come more alive, more excited, more connected to our core needs, and we will be in a better place to face whatever we need to face.

Do you know what’s on your list of things What make you come alive?

I wonder if you already know what is on your list, or if you will need to brainstorm it to find out.

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