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What is your practice?

Do you have a yoga practice? A meditation practice? A mindfulness practice? …
What else do you practice?
How does that change your days? why is it important to you?

On stress, mindfulness, resilience, and daily practices


In a call with friends earlier this week, we were doing a round of check in: “How are you doing?”
I had (like many of us these days), quite a challenging week, with bad news every day. So I joked saying that I would be happy with just a day without bad news.

But then, I had to be honest: Even with this situation, I am grateful for the practices I began years ago, and integrated into my life so much, that they are now a part of who I am.

Because a few years ago, in the same situation, I might have practiced frustration, anger, sadness… Whereas today, I practice noticing what is happening, making space, hugging my elephants (in the room), making friends and partnering with them to find solutions, turning problems into learning and solutions…

And I stay fine: My external circumstance don’t dictate my internal experience.

Whether you do it intentionally or not, your practice is what you do every day.

Whatever you do on a daily basis, that becomes the default you turn back to in challenging times.

As my Shiatsu trainer Sasaki Sensei used to say: “Dojo is life“. You come to the gym, to the yoga studio, to the dojo, to practice; but the real practice starts when you step out, into the world, your daily life.

Do you have an intentional, conscious practice?

What is your practice?
And if you don’t have one, start noticing: What is your practice?

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