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What leader do you choose to be? (and, by the way: Do you feel like you are a leader?)

Is a question that emerged this summer, when I was offered to write a chapter in the book “Ignite for conscious leaders”.

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Leaders neither push nor pull, they allow.
Their experience inspires, and gives permission to walk in their steps.

Claire Wild

My first reaction was:”Conscious? Leader? Me?” My idea of “leader” was quite grandiose: Dalai Lama, mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Ki… Yes, those are leaders

And I’ve heard enough people labeling themselves “conscious” where, -hum- I was struggling to see why or how they were “conscious”… to be extra cautious about auto-labeling myself anything.

In the writing of my chapter, the meaning of being a leader emerged and changed a few times. I won’t spoil the book, but something about being unapologetic emerged very strongly.

One big aspect about being a leader, is: You are leading…

DUH! (I know, thanks you Claire for this magnificent piece of wisdom; you’re welcome 😉)
But think about it: If you are leading, it means that you are not following.

You are not changing your behavior to please or ease anyone. And it doesn’t mean you are doing your thing, not caring about anyone else but you… Quite the opposite.

But you are not going down to the level of fear, criticism, expectations. You are taking everyone up with you, to the level of self-acceptance, and unconditional love.

You don’t need a following to be a leader

It is about who you are. It isn’t defined by the situation, it is a mindset.

It is about going out in the world, and instead of asking:”Do you like me? Am I OK to belong to your tribe? Please?”.
You are going into the world boldly declaring: “This is me
. I love you, whether you do like me or not; so I don’t need to change who I am, or my story, for you to accept me.”

The magic side-effect in that, is you give everyone else permission to do the same thing:

Be unapologetically themselves.

Isn’t that a way of leading? You bet it is!

And I want to bring it to more people, so you will hear more about these “I own my story declarations” in the weeks to come.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you heard at least two already; and more of these interviews / declarations are to come. One of these could be yours, and it would be my absolute pleasure to facilitate you into declaring yourself boldly in the wold.

If you were unapologetic, what would it change for you?

What would you do? Who would you be?
If you knew someone was watching, and was going to be inspired by your actions… How would you live?

I am very curious to know the answer to that question: What leader do you choose to be?

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