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Who is the master, who is the servant: the mind, or the body?

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On embodiment, experience, coaching, and “where do you feel this in your body?”…

Reading that embodiment was a buzz-word the other day on internet, felt so wrong, it had me do something I resisted doing: Talking about what embodiment means.
Embodiment is such a diverse field, with many different voices!

To have an idea, just look at all the different topics covered in The Embodiment Conference, an online event / movement I presented in: yoga, dancing, martial arts, somatic psychology, trauma, coaching & therapy, just to name a few.

That said, yes, it annoys me but it has become a buzz-word. And many people use it without knowing what they are talking about. One question has become emblematic of this for me in the world of coaching: I heard many ask, from a totally disembodied state “Where do you feel this in your body?”.
As if it was step 2 of the 10 step process for X.

It’s like explaining someone the taste of chocolate vs facilitating the experience of tasting chocolate for him/her.

Embodiment is not a process, it is an experience, from the inside out.


Embodiment is not a process, it is not a technique, there are many ways in which you can be embodied.
It is one of these things, that is experiential, that you cannot transmit, or work with, without living, leading from it.

It is a client of mine when I was practicing Shiatsu getting a new understanding, that they struggle to put in words, because it comes from a different intelligence than the intellect.

It is a coaching client nowadays, getting clarity, or experiencing somatic decision making, from integrating body and emotions with their conscious, rational thinking.

It is a way of being, from the inside out.

Embodiment is the experience of being whole

How would it be, if you could experience the world, learn, and understand, not only from your rational self, but also from your physical self, from your emotional self, and why not from your relational self, or your spiritual self?

How would it be, if you would go beyond the opposition between mind and body, and stepped into acknowledging and expressing your self through all of these dimensions?

This to me is embodiment: being whole.

Your first step

What can you learn from your body? What is he telling you?
Just for today, listen.

Resources cited in the conversation

The Embodiment Conference (the good news of 2020)


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