Unapologetic freedom for unconventional humans – Integrally Alive Podcast

Bonjour life sparklers!
The Integrally alive podcast is back for season two: practical wisdom and tools for the bodyMind every week… For unconventional humans to embody their unapologetic Self and create a life of freedom & joy.

How sweet, isn’t it? Yeah, I know, can’t help it. 😉

I’m super excited to begin this new season for you, and with a new format: There will be some interviews, but most of the podcast will be me sharing practical wisdom and tools to make your life easier & more enjoyable.

And in a minute I’m going to tell you what to expect.

The big why

But first, I hear you: unapologetic?! Yeah, another trendy word that’s been so used it has lost all power and meaning.

Sadly, we still miss it in our life. Just a few years ago, Bonnie Ware, a nurse working with people at the end of their life, published a book: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Do you know what the first of these regrets was?
I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

So, YES TO UNAPOLOGETIC! I unapologetically wish more people to be unapologetic and enjoy a life that is true to themselves.
(And I secretly hope that I will pronounce the word “unapologetically” right very soon! Until then, I unapologetically pronounce it in my own way.)

Here goes for my big why, but What to expect?

Practical wisdom and tools for the bodyMind to make life easier and more enjoyable!
Basically, I will touch on everything body & mind related that makes us come more alive. And especially:

Shifting from stress to resilience

Stress, whatever we name it: overwhelm, decision fatigue, FOMO, anxiety, burn out… This word has become like the tree that hides the forest.

What is it really? And what is resilience, and how to grow it?
I’ve got the first good news for you: You were born, and you are alive, right? So you are already resilient! Yep, you just need to grow it.

Mastering private speaking

Public speaking is great, but what about communicating more effectively with yourself and others, in daily life? That is what private speaking is about.
I believe this is something that should be taught in school, to everyone!

Owning our stories & the power of storytelling

We all have stories, and until we own them, they own us.
Hey, sharing stories has been around for thousand years… There must be a reason!

Bringing awareness to, & embodying all of your intelligences

You read correctly, intelligences, plural: This is the only podcast that makes you 6 times more intelligent.
Most of the time, when we talk about intelligence, we think about rational thinking. But we have much more resource than that, in our emotions, in our physical body, in our relationships…
So, instead of unconsciously being controlled by them… How would it be to access these resources and intentionally use them in daily life?

Welcome to being multidimensional.

It is going to be…


Because complex is beautiful, but simple is more effective!

Practical, and experiential

Because much more than from what we read or think, we learn from what we do.

Rather than hacks & techniques, expect principles

Hacks and techniques are great to have in your emergency toolbox. But they are not designed to get to the root of the problem, they stay at surface level.
In the long-term, I don’t want to give you a cookbook, I want you to become a chef and create your own recipes.


I will hug a few elephants… In the room. Expect quite a bit of Bullshit blasting & myth dispelling…
No politically-correct police in here.


These are all serious topics, and… Life is too dramatic to be taken seriously!
This is all part of life, so we might as well have fun.

Your weekly dose of fierce love:

A mix of love and brutal honesty!
Boom, life just got easier!

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Stay tuned for the next episode, à bientôt. 😉

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