Turning crises into success, with Charly Jaffe (part 2) – Integrally Alive Podcast

Last episode Charly shared how eventually her biggest challenges became her greatest teachers. And if you missed it, you probably want to go and listen to it before jumping on that one.

You use storytelling all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. So how can you use it for healing? we talk about it a lot in this episode… Could owning our story, and sharing it to the world (or at least not be afraid anymore to share it), be a key for healing, and even peace on earth?

You already know I’m a strong advocate of using storytelling as an empowerment tool, now it is Charly’s turn to tell us…

“When we can own and understand how stories are created in our head and start to shift them, we can shift the reality that we experience.”

Charly Jaffe

On turning our pain into power, owning our story, learning from our crisis, enjoying life, writing books…

  • Sharing our stories is healing… And the timing has to be right, and some people are just not ready to hear you. [0:53]
  • Can we grow from our struggles? Growing versus fixing ourselves. [6:26]
    • “Sometimes it is about learning how to sit with our dark places.” Charly Jaffe
    • The delicate balance between being acknowledging and staying present with the darkness, while being open to the lightness.
    • “Hope doesn’t exist without challenge.” Charly Jaffe
  • The importance of staying with, as care-givers. It is not so much what we do, rather than how we show up. [14:04]
  • The writing of the book Charly with her dad. [15:14]
    • “The way I was able to write in his voice was by really understanding his mental and emotional patterns and how he sees the world.” Charly Jaffe
  • The process of giving birth to the story. [20:12]
    • When we can own and understand how stories are created in our head and start to shift them, we can shift the reality that we experience. […] Then when we can decide how she share that, how do we extract the lessons from it, then it kinds of amplify the power of that story in such a big way.” Charly Jaffe
    • The power of stories to enhance empathy.
  • Using storytelling for coaching. [24:45]
    • Making it a partnership, where everyone takes responsibility for the process.
    • Going into life with curiosity.
  • Entrepreneurship is more of a mindset than a situation. [31:24]
    • “A lot of the entrepreneurial mindset is not necessarily taking life like “this is how things work”, it is very much challenging how things work.” Charly Jaffe
    • And you can get curious regarding of your professional situation, in every aspect of your life.
  • What makes you feel alive? [37:40]

Who is Charly Jaffe

Charly is a crisis counselor, best-selling author and captivating advocate for emotional health. With a background spanning industries and continents, she produced stories for BBC News, co-ran an Australian yoga school and was an award-winning Google strategist.

However, her greatest teachers have come from her gravest challenges – losing her dignity, her mind and nearly her life. Now, she guides people through the conversations we often run from, uncovering the treasures on the other side.

She is currently a graduate student at Columbia University’s Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology.

And she just wrote her first book together with her dad: Turning Crisis Into Success: A serial entrepreneur’s lessons on overcoming challenge while keeping your sh*t together (it is available on Amazon)

Where can you find Charly Jaffe?

Charly Jaffe’s book: Turning Crises Into Sucess

Find more on the book’s website: http://www.crisisintosuccess.com

The beginning of the conversation: episode 1

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