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Feel free to explore this space. You will meet my here, and here my un-politically correct story and journey to being Integrally Alive.

Below, you will find the peace bubble visualization, no strings attached.

As a member of the Barbara Sher tribe, you will also get access to the super-early bird price for my online programs:

  • Sparkling life, from resistance to resilience, an online course
  • The Sparkling life call series

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Find support in a like-minded community

And because you are part of the Barbara Sher tribe, and probably a scanner, like most of us here, you might feel isolated and / or misunderstood sometimes. I know, I’ve been there. And I found this is THE common trait of the people I work with. It might not be the number one problem in their life, yet damn, it does make it even more difficult! That’s why I created the Integrally Alive community, a safe space to be and share our journey to the life WE choose. You’re more than welcome to join! It is totally free, and it is here.

Relax into your peace bubble visualization

Ever tried to sleep, your body being tired from your day, but your mind running like crazy? And staying desperately awake, unable to shut down the mental chatter while getting more and more exhausted? Well, who hasn’t?

This visualization will guide you to unplug the monkey mind and relax into your peace bubble, on your way to a peaceful, restorative sleep.

Download the visualization

Sparkling life programs

Online program: from resistance to resilience

Are you looking for ways to manage your stress? What if you didn’t need to manage it at all? What if you were already resilient?

In this program, you will learn what stress really is (and why and how it can be your ally), and how to grow resilience: your power to stay connected to life, even in tough times.
Through easy to digest, actionable audio lessons, you will explore your different intelligences and learn how each of them can help you quit stress.

How would be your life if you were allowed to express all the dimensions of who you are? How irrelevant could stress become, if you could replace all the “I don’t know, I can’t I shouldn’t…” with a clear and loud “YES, and…” to life?

This is the process we’ll step into: An introduction to going from resistance to resilience.

  • 11 easy to digest, actionable, audio lessons & explorations: no need to watch a screen, easy to listen anywhere, like commuting to work for example.
  • You can download the lessons (I get it, not everywhere in the world can you get tip-top internet access).
  • Access to the Integrally Alive private community, with me and the other students, where can find support, share your struggles and wins, and ask any question you need.

If you are reading this, you got the link to the early-bird secret page. What does that mean? Simply that the course is not released yet to the public, only to a few… At a ridiculously special price!

As a thank you for being the first ones in taking the leap to your resilient self, today the course is at only 19$. As you can imagine, this price will go up as soon as it is launched publicly.
Yet, as an early-bird, you will get all the future updates totally free.
And you are part of the community, forever.

Learn more…

A series of 8 LIVE sessions with Claire Wild

Get the answers you need: 8 weeks, 8 calls, 8 themes… One direction: shifting from stress to resilience!
Starting: 2019/03/07.

You don’t have to do it alone! Online programs are great, but it can get daunting to do it alone… On this calls series, YOU make the program: I will announce a theme for each call, and you ask the questions you need about it, either live during the call, or sending it to me prior to the call.
You will also be part of a private group, for that event only, a safe space to share this journey together.

We are multidimensional beings, living a multidimensional life.
During these eight weeks, we will explore each week a different dimension of our self, with two main focus in mind:

  • Stress, how does it show up and affects us? How to shift to resilience?
  • Resilience, what is it and how to grow it?

So that by the end of the series, you will have a clear idea of:

  • what are these dimensions of your Self
  • what you can do to grow resilience where you need it
  • some solutions to avoid stress
  • how to make these dimensions of your self, these intelligences, work together, so helping one is supporting all of them.

Within the set general theme, you can ask any question you want and need.

As a member of Barbara Sher’s tribe, you get the early-bird price (a crazy 50% discount!).

Discover the themes for each week here: Learn more…

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