What to say to a friend who’s struggling (And how to ask for help if you are) – Integrally Alive Podcast


How do you support someone who’s struggling with mental problems? We are only beginning to talk more openly about mental struggles, and there are still many, many misconceptions about it. And often it results in people with the best intentions making the situation worse, by trying to help. So here are a few do s and don’t s, so you can be there for your loved ones when they need you the most… And you can better ask for help when you need it. This article is for you if you’re struggling and want to help people around you help … Read more

Coaching or Therapy… What do you need?- Integrally Alive Podcast

You do from being: Your actions depend on your state, who you are being. ⇒ Change who you are being, what you do, your actions, will adjust accordingly.

If you need coaching, you will benefit from therapy, and if you need therapy, you will benefit from coaching. Do you think true or false?And how do you choose one or the other? This is a question I get a lot, so here is my two cents, the way I view this and how I apply this in my changework practice. On coaching, therapy, hiking, changework… The image I find talks the most about it in a simple way is hiking. So you want to go hiking. Therapy is like helping you get prepared for the hike First you need … Read more

Turning crises into success, with Charly Jaffe (part 2) – Integrally Alive Podcast


Last episode Charly shared how eventually her biggest challenges became her greatest teachers. And if you missed it, you probably want to go and listen to it before jumping on that one. You use storytelling all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. So how can you use it for healing? we talk about it a lot in this episode… Could owning our story, and sharing it to the world (or at least not be afraid anymore to share it), be a key for healing, and even peace on earth? You already know I’m a strong advocate … Read more

Turning crises into success, with Charly Jaffe (part 1) – Integrally Alive Podcast

24_integrally_alive_podcast_2019-04-25_turning_crises_into_success_with_charly jaffe

What is the gift in this situation? Sounds familiar? If, like me, you heard it so much that you kind of can’t hear it anymore, you’re going to love what Charly brings on the topic! Yes, she went through some crises that not one of us would like to experience. And yes, over time, these same challenges became her greatest teachers. And… It didn’t happen overnight. So if you are up for some spiritual bullshit busting, and resilience tool, jump on this episode! Stay tuned for next week’s episode, with Charly. Beyond her story, she shares more about her experience … Read more

Creative writing, the book inside you, with Alyse Speyer (2, wisdom & tools) – Integrally Alive podcast


In the first episode, we discovered Alyse’s stories of coming close to death, the fascinating play between the multiple stories that resulted from this experience, and how she used writing as a tool for resilience. In this episode, we go deep on how she now uses creative writing to helps entrepreneurs discover and write the books that live inside of them. You will learn the difference between journaling and creative writing, and the power of the later… And why you should give it a try. You will find a few tips and tricks to get you started, and discover that … Read more

Creative writing, the book inside you, with Alyse Speyer (1, the story) – Integrally Alive podcast


This episode is the first of two with Alyse Speyer: She helps entrepreneurs discover and write the books that live inside of them. In this first episode, we discover her story of resilience, and I can’t get enough of these why behind the mission! It is so fascinating how Alyse’s story naturally led her to what she is doing today, how she already used writing as a therapy tool for herself and we go deep in the various ways storytelling takes a big part in our life… Weather we do it consciously, or it is happening without us really noticing. … Read more

Healing, and growing beyond personal development, with Tahlia Reynolds – Integrally Alive podcast


Tahlia is passionate about all things personal growth, discovery, mastery & transformation. She is trained in EFT, a qualified Reiki practitioner, a transformational life coach, and a serial entrepreneur. Right now she is Head of Online Communities at Mindvalley – The Personal Development Company. She spent years “bettering” herself and going inward to get the source of her trauma and rage. On trauma, how to heal it, personal / spiritual development and their trap, spiritual bypassing and how to become bigger than you think you are. Disclaimer: In the second part of the interview, Tahlia sometimes uses the word “trauma” … Read more

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