How to use curiosity as your door to being unapologetic (and compassionate) – Integrally Alive Podcast

The more curious you get, the less judgmental and the more unapologetic you are.

What is your weird? Do you keep it for yourself like something you’d rather people not see about you?Or do you proudly show it for everyone to admire? I have many, which I share more or less privately. On ladybug, being weird, compassion and being unapologetic… Today I was thinking about someone I met a few years ago in a lovely community.When she arrived, everyone could not but notice she had a Ladybug doll on her head at any time. I literally never saw her without it. She acted like everything was normal, but let’s admit it, everyone was like: … Read more

A cure for Social fatigue: Deep connection, real fun! meetups – Integrally Alive Podcast

A cure for social fatigue: Un-networking Human meetups

This year has been great for loneliness hasn’t ?But the thing is, while this year and a half now has been really low on opportunities of just meeting and being around people… Meeting and being around people is not the cure for loneliness. It’s not enough!We need meaningful connections. On loneliness, meaningful connections, networking events, meetups, authentic relating, and having fun… I know that well: I’m moving around quite a bit… Usually; These days a lot less. So I’m often the new kid on the block, knowing no one in the place where I just arrived. I visit quite a … Read more

Don’t cage yourself in your age – Integrally Alive Podcast

Age is just a number. And I am the one deciding what that number means for me.

What are you too old for?Where is your mind going when you read that question?Things that you feel you cannot do anymore and you kind of miss them, things that you won’t tolerate anymore in your life?We all react differently to ageing. Certain aspects feel liberating, other limiting… On ageing, birthdays, sailing and liberation… I’m always puzzled by people who explain anything they cannot do by their age.Maybe because very early on in my 20’s, when I was living on my sailing-boat, I often had sailing neighbours waaaay older than me; many people wait until they are retired and kids … Read more

You are the inspiration you are looking for – Integrally Alive Podcast

You are seen... If you knew your choice would inspire thousands of people, how would you live your day today?

What are you the living example for? On sailing, dreams, inspiration, courage, blogs and strangers … When I was a teenager, I had a dream, a very precise and persistent dream, to travel and live on a sailing-boat. It took years, but I eventually did it. I started a blog to keep my family and my friends updated. But it ended up with strangers reading it, and I got some very touching emails of total strangers thanking me to show them it was possible. Seeing my website gave them the permission to dream and the permission to think they weren’t … Read more

How owning our story sets us free – Integrally Alive Podcast


Is there a story or a situation holding you back from being yourself? Today is all about private speaking and how owning our story, and especially our “one freaking question”, can set us free. For a long time in my life, I had a question I dreaded people would ask me, because I didn’t want to answer. So I would do my best to avoid that question to be asked in the first place. And then when eventually it would come up, I would answer indirectly. I shared in a video about this: my one freaking question (see below). Not … Read more

Can words change your life? – Integrally Alive Podcast


This summer I was at a speaking event, and heard the story of a woman, who shared how she overcame depression and wanting to kill herself. A very brave thing to do, especially on stage; and so needed, too, because the stigma on these topics is literally killing people, who otherwise would speak up and ask for help. So when she sat back, right next to me, I turned to her and thank her for her courage, expressing that I know how difficult it can be to talk about suicide. She looked at me with surprise, and answered that she … Read more

What leader do you choose to be? – Integrally Alive Podcast


What leader do you choose to be? (and, by the way: Do you feel like you are a leader?) Is a question that emerged this summer, when I was offered to write a chapter in the book “Ignite for conscious leaders”. To celebrate the publishing of the book, I’m gifting a 1 on 1 session with me: Answer that question in the FB group, and I’ll pick one. I know you can inspire us, and you can be inspired by the tribe… so it might be you, winning the 1 on 1 session and creating your vision in the world. … Read more

Unapologetic freedom for unconventional humans – Integrally Alive Podcast


Bonjour life sparklers! The Integrally alive podcast is back for season two: practical wisdom and tools for the bodyMind every week… For unconventional humans to embody their unapologetic Self and create a life of freedom & joy. How sweet, isn’t it? Yeah, I know, can’t help it. 😉 I’m super excited to begin this new season for you, and with a new format: There will be some interviews, but most of the podcast will be me sharing practical wisdom and tools to make your life easier & more enjoyable. And in a minute I’m going to tell you what to … Read more

Creative writing, the book inside you, with Alyse Speyer (2, wisdom & tools) – Integrally Alive podcast


In the first episode, we discovered Alyse’s stories of coming close to death, the fascinating play between the multiple stories that resulted from this experience, and how she used writing as a tool for resilience. In this episode, we go deep on how she now uses creative writing to helps entrepreneurs discover and write the books that live inside of them. You will learn the difference between journaling and creative writing, and the power of the later… And why you should give it a try. You will find a few tips and tricks to get you started, and discover that … Read more

Creative writing, the book inside you, with Alyse Speyer (1, the story) – Integrally Alive podcast


This episode is the first of two with Alyse Speyer: She helps entrepreneurs discover and write the books that live inside of them. In this first episode, we discover her story of resilience, and I can’t get enough of these why behind the mission! It is so fascinating how Alyse’s story naturally led her to what she is doing today, how she already used writing as a therapy tool for herself and we go deep in the various ways storytelling takes a big part in our life… Weather we do it consciously, or it is happening without us really noticing. … Read more

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