Supporting World changers, with Martyn Sibley – Integrally Alive Podcast

Are you a dreamer with an urge to make that dream a reality for the good of all? Are you a social entrepreneur struggling to get started?

That’s what this week’s episode is about: People working for social good, with a mission and their aim is all about trying to make the world better. Sounds grandiose? Martyn shows us that it doesn’t have to be, and explains the top struggles of world changers.

If you didn’t listen to the first episode with Martyn, you might want to do so: it’s here.

“World changers” is going to be a way of making a much bigger impact by empowering leaders.

On changing the world, the danger of perfection, taking care of the gold goose, having a dream, and acting on it…

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What is a world changer?
    • Being a little bit better everyday, consistently, that builds up in something quite meaningful after all, but without all the pressure and grandiosity.
    • A world changer is [ anyone ] working for social good. Their mission and their aim is all about trying to make the world better.” [2:07]
  • Perfectionism is often what stops most people from starting: “When we want to do it so perfectly, that is definitely when we get paralyzed by the fear.”[4:00]
  • The balance between supporting change on an individual level AND on a broader social level, and scaling our impact! [6:14]

The top struggles of World changers: time, energy, money.

  • Being OK with earning money while working on social causes. [13:47]
    • Finding work / life balance when you self-entrepreneur and especially when you’re passion driven, and working doesn’t feel like working. [16:39]
    • The importance of taking care of yourself first: you’re the golden goose. [19:23]
  • How to navigate the urge to save the world! You need passion and purpose, AND processes: keeping in mind our priorities can be difficult when you’re a world changer, as everything is important and urgent. [20:33]
  • If I am going to found a social enterprise, should I found an NGO or a “for-profit” company? Money — or should I say, money-mindset — is definitely one of the biggest struggles of world changers! [23:04]
  • Martyn’s number one advice for world changers: blocking the noise that is claiming your attention and is not supporting your goals, so you find calm and concentrate on what is important. Clarity, impact, and freedom will come naturally from that state. [28:02]
  • The process of creating the 6 weeks course “How to change the world”, and what it is about. [29:37]

Who is Martyn Sibley

My guest today is just a regular guy… who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This means he cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower himself.
AND… he is a living proof of “everything is possible”, which happens to be the tittle of his book.

He co founded and runs his company Disability Horizons, has a Degree in Economics & a Masters in Marketing, has presented for the BBC. He is also a blogger, and a speaker to bring awareness on disability.
He drives his own adapted car, and loves adventure travels; he has flown a plane, enjoyed skiing & SCUBA diving, flying in a balloon, and he’s been on the moon. (OK, not on the moon yet; but I’m sure that by the next time he comes here, that will be done.)

In 2018, he started a project for empowering “world changers”. He now offers also a 6 weeks online course helping you getting started on this journey, helping you gaining clarity, impact, and freedom.

Where can you find Martyn Sibley and World changers?

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Resources cited in the conversation

The book Live big, by Ajit Nawalkha

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