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Tal Gur is an internet entrepreneur, coach, traveler, and financial freedom enthusiast. In 2005, he asked himself what he would do if he would die within 10 years… And he made a bucket list of 100 big dream to achieve in 10 years, and a conscious decision to pursue these goals.
That led him to:

  • going from being 34 0000$ of debt to financial freedom
  • Complete an Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand after quitting smoking
  • travel non-stop
  • Build a new home for a family who lost everything in a mudslide in Peru
  • Explored spirituality and tried a little 10 days Vipassana meditation in India
  • Party for 60 nights in a row
  • Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand
  • And much more…

And it became a way of life, to live on his own terms. He related this experience in a book: The Art of Fully Living — 1 man, 10 years, 100 life goals.

Highlights of Tal Gur’s interview

  • 02:00 What fully living means for Tal, and how “half living” can get us stuck from making the changes we want. “The main thing is the person you become, not necessary the story.”.
  • 02:50 What did Tal discover? The journey is never finished! Tal’s found he is a growth agent, and an agent of change..
  • 04:15 The moment of shift, how Tal really began his journey… One year after creating his bucket list.
  • 06:00 Forget about negative / positive dilemma! From crisis to calling: Our judgement create the crisis, to potentially move in a certain direction, or motivate ourselves to move in that direction. You don’t need to know what is the calling, just knowing that there is a calling, there is something wanting to happen, and it needs space to come. Getting curious is the key: “What is the change that needs to happen?”. The more we see crisis as agent of change, the less we need them.
  • 09:30 It is not a black & white story, shifting from half-living to fully living and that’s done. There were a lot of challenges along the way, but the most important is to give yourself a direction to follow. The failure is to not taking action… No matter if you get your goals or not. We don’t need to be fully living all the time, if we keep awareness on what is happening and who we are becoming, we can welcome highs and lows as beneficial.
  • 12:14 What is success and failure: the story of the 21 years old lady with 8 “failed businesses”. You always learn something when you move on.
  • 14:22 The intrisic motivation of being of service. How and why Tal went from: “I want freedom.” To “Why do I want freedom? How will I use it?”. “You are doing the same thing, but with a different mindset.”
  • 19:00 What does contribution means. Living on a bubble island, aligning your environment and your motivation. Eventually everything we do, we end up wanting to share our experiences, and contribute. The “you can do it as well” of each one’s Hero’s journey, and the importance of being proud of our accomplishments.
  • 22:47 We all are expert enough to help someone! We often are not acknowledging the way we already contribute: When you become consciously competent you can help someone.
  • 26:10 What is success? What is failure? Whenever you go after your dreams, you are already successful! Why we need fear. And overcoming the astronaut syndrome. Growth never stops.
  • 29:38 Adding some “being” goals on the bucket list. The doing gives direction, and feedback, as it is more measurable. But really, the magic lies in blending “being” and “doing” goals.
  • 31:00 Why is it so crucial to expanding your comfort zone? What are the benefits? Getting out of versus expanding your comfort zone. Finding a balance between expanding and integration.
  • 32:35 Do we have to go through crisis to evolve? Happiness as a way of living rather than the goal. Are your standards for happiness making you miserable?
  • 36:09 Beyond the fluffy airy gratitude trend, how can gratitude help us in living happy. My experience of dengue, and Tal’s near-death experience of being bitten by a snake. Facing death is a powerful reminder of what is essential in life. We can chose our reminders too.
  • 40:27 Sometimes our list for being happy is a recipe for unhappiness. Nothing outside of yourself will make you happy. What Tal means with downgrading your happiness: removing the barriers to happiness.
  • 45:40 What is a goal? Are you resisting or surrendering when life takes you somewhere else than what you wanted? You can go after your dreams, while surrendering to the journey. What is purpose?
  • 49:14 What do you attach your identity to? What are the values that have never changed in your life?
  • 53:10 The value of going through the struggle.
  • 56:40 The topic of Tal’s presentation for DNX in Lisbon September 2018.

Where can you find Tal?

  • http://www.talgur.me

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