Becoming an artist of life with Santiago Rafael – Integrally Alive podcast

The first thing you notice when you meet Santiago, is his vibrant smile, and his joyful presence. He is a life coach, and founder of LAFAM, a movement spreading the art of being an artist of life.

Yet a few years ago, his life was very different. He had severe arthritis,living in constant pain. He developed depression, and multiple addictions.

In the podcast he shares his journey of transformation to becoming the vibrant artist of life he  is today.

Thank you Santiago for this vulnerable sharing, on the up and downs of this journey until the foundation of L.A.F.A.M. (Lifestyle Artist Formation). Thanks for remind us that we are all a work in progress; that each step we take opens new possibilities that we just couldn’t see before, and asks us to show up to the world in all our beauty.

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • On transforming your limits into a creative challenge: Discovering and falling in love with hip-hop dancing. The first sparkle that ignited this transformational journey. [5:00]
  • When old system of coping become limitations… How he began to overcame addictions. [10:30]
  • Discovering up to a new world, beyond the pain. Each step leading to more opening. [12:33]
  • Shifting from victim, to helper! [13:20]
  • What he wished he knew to heal earlier: The advice to the younger Santiago [15:48]
  • The ups and down on the journey, and the difficulty of your environment accepting who you are becoming [17:27]
  • The “last” push, developing healthy relationships, and finally finding his place [25:00]
  • Knowing your past to create your future and foster resilience. [26:25]
  • “The moment you most need forgiveness, is when you forgot who you are” (Rhea Lalla) [29:00]
  • Creating his healthy soul family: LAFAM – Lifestyle Artist Formation Associated in Manifestation [30:15]
  • Declare yourself as an artist of life! Another resilience tool 😉 [32:14]

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