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After last week’s episode where Sylvia shared her own story of resilience (I could even write this in plural!), in this episode she gives her view on resilience and especially on burnout, having personally been through two episodes of burnout.

How can we balance work and rest, even when we are so passionate about what we do that it doesn’t really feel like work? She gives practical tools to reconnect our body and our mind so they work together and we can show up as the best version of ourselves.

“When you tend to get overwhelmed, take a step back, remember what is your why, and along the way, ask for help.” Sylvia Jagla

On resistance and resilience, burn-out, knowing your limits, respecting your body

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Introduction to resilience [6:12]
    • Resilience is adaptation: go with the flow, with the ups and downs of life.
    • The play between resistance and resilience: letting go of inner resistance to embrace outer resistance.
    • How do you grow resilience? It starts with trust, especially for leaders.
  • The “I am enough” need for validation, that even the most “successful” people struggle with… And how it is just another story we are telling ourselves. “You are not your thoughts. They are coming from somewhere and going to nowhere.” Sylvia Jagla [10:33]
  • As soon as we grab a thought, then it becomes something, that we can eventually grow into something bigger, and then it becomes our identity. [15:01]
    • Being fine with both ups and downs, and the influence of hormones on our emotions and actions.
  • When do you stop when you love what you do? (solopreneur, anyone? 😉 ) How to find balance when you are passionate about what you do, and it doesn’t feel like working? Most of the times, exactly when you feel you can’t stop, is the moment when you desperately need it![19:03]
    • When you tend to get overwhelmed, take a step back, remember what is your why, and along the way, ask for help.” Sylvia Jagla
  • There are millions of routines out there, whatever you do, pick something that works for you. And stay flexible to adapt to the present situation, body and mind. [26:04]
  • We forget so much to be kind to ourselves: We enter the cycle of failing to our expectations, beating ourselves for that, and feeling miserable for it, and therefore failing even more to our unrealistic expectations. [31:05]
    • Could we revise our expectations instead, and learn from the process?
  • What is burn-out? How to create awareness of when we are going into the direction of burn-out, so we don’t have to crash; and instead stop before it’s too late and avoid it. [33:46]
  • Working for and with women: Sylvia saw women “pushing so much for performance rather than trusting their potential“. [40:04]
    • Her advice: “Own you power, go for whatever you want without any regrets, guilt, or excuses.” Sylvia Jagla
    • And her wish: Creating support and cooperation rather than competition.

Who is Sylvia Jagla?

Sylvia is a free spirit woman who used her life story as fuel to build the life and business she loves.
Her life today is full of traveling, connecting and supporting others.

She is a leadership coach, and a women’s burnout & resilience mentor…
Shes helps driven entrepreneurs and professionals who work remotely and kinda feel that they lost their way, to create their own “Having it all”.

Her motto: Trust the process while hacking your work-life-flow.

Where can you find Sylvia Jagla?

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Resources cited in the conversation

Oprah Winfrey: Do I matter? (I am enough)

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