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“How will you know when you are ready?”

On being and feeling ready, imposter syndrome, and getting started…

That is in essence one question that arose in a recent coaching call, when I heard my client say: “I’m not experienced enough, I’m not ready.”
Sadly these doubts is wide-spread, and it’s getting us to stop before even getting started. Welcome imposter syndrome, bye-bye action!

Back when I was about to take the exam at the end of my Shiatsu training, I found myself in a seminar with mixed levels, paired up for an exercise with a beginner. She was not confident, and quite impressed, hesitating and doubting a lot. It turned out to be the best partner I had that day, in terms of the help she gave me.

But I had much more experienced partners, so why is that? She did one thing very differently: While acknowledging she didn’t know much, she listened to what I need, instead of going into the “expert” mode. She really wanted to help, that what made the difference. Not only did my shoulder feel better, I learned a great lesson from her.

“Beginner” is where the most learning happens

Only a beginner is totally open to learn, to really experiment without knowing what the result will be… Which is the only way to learn. Why do we talk about “beginner’s luck”? Because beginners dare to do impossible or silly things! Or rather, things that experience tell us should be impossible, or silly.

Beginners are ready to start

Which is a way better place to be, and leads to much better questions, like: “What is important for me to know now?”. Not to play the Beethoven 6th Symphony today when you don’t even know where notes are on the keyboard: “What do I need to knwo and do today to eventually be able to play the Beethoven 6th Symphony?”

How much ready-ness is enough?

Be clear on what you want to do.

And if it involves other people, please don’t decide instead of the people who need your help, what your level or expertise should be. You cold be surprised, like my client who heard an interviewer say:”Wow, you’ve got a lot of experience!”

What can you playfully experiment with?

I promise NO kitten is gonna die if you try new things. The world is not going to end, and the greatest risk you are taking is most probably not doing anything.

So what are you putting off, that you would like to do? When are you going to decide you’re ready enough to do and learn on?

In what ways are you so ready enough to it right now?

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