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Do you want to know one of the best way to get stuck? Ask: “Why?”.
What can you do instead? Good question! 😉

This morning, I felt uninspired. Or rather than uninspired, lots of idea but none looks interesting or inspiring for you. And it felt weird, because I love what I do, I love to share wisdom and tools with you and see how you put it into practice and change your lives.

So what do I do with that?
I could go into “Why is this happening?”. That would make me explore all the reasons, and keep me in that space of “non-inspired”.

Because our mind works like that. In a way, it is like a dog wanting to play throw and catch… waiting for something to catch. Ask a question, and your mind will give you lots of answers.

Why is directed towards the past

Your question is going to direct your mind in a particular direction. And the direction “Why” points to, is the past: “What happened so I’m here right now?”

Is looking at the past going to make you move forward? Very unlikely!

So the question remains: What do I do with that?

Nothing! I acknowledge it. It is my state at this moment, and negating it would be lying to myself.
So I notice it and welcome it.

And then I just do my podcast… Even if I’m uninspired and like none of my ideas are worth making a podcast on.
I choose a topic and go. I intentionally choose to move forward.

Even if right now feeling this crappy feeling, I know that I enjoy doing this.
I know that chances are, once I get moving, my feeling automatically changes, because I’m doing something I love.
I know that even if I find all these topics not interesting enough today, someone needs to hear them. And I’m doing this for that someone.

When emotional state and rational thinking don’t align

I know all of this, but at that moment, I don’t feel it.
Action, doing something in that direction, is a way to realign my rational thinking (showing me the direction), and the feeling (they will be sparked from action).

Are you waiting to be ready?

If you wait until you’re ready, until you “feel it”, you might wait for a loooong time!

They are different approaches, different ways to change your emotional state. And one of them is action. Any action. Just the tiniest step, will change your state.

So what is something you want to do, but don’t feel like doing? What are you going to do about it?

Investigating why and getting more stuck?

Or finding the tiny step you could do right now to get moving?

I look forward to hearing what state this tiny step sparked in you, and what action did it snowball into.

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