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When life gets in the way, what do you do to stay calm and keep going?

To be honest, to my French brain, it always sounded a bit wrong that “life” would get in the way of anything. But yes, nowadays, with things being cancelled left and right, decisions being made, then changed, then put back on, then modified… It sure feels like something is getting in the way of life!

Here is another way to look at it, and a simple guided exploration to shift your perspective and actions (Listen to the podcast, or find the extended version here in the Sparkling life toolkit).

On chaos, frustration, relaxing, laughing, and creativity…

The other day a client was telling me how frustrating it feels to be in a moment of transition, lots of decisions to make, lots of uncertainty, lots of confusion.

And how she fell it wasn’t “moving fast enough”, nothing seemed to go forward.

And I am confident in saying this is true today for a lot more people than just her.

So I want to offer a different look on it, and a simple exploration to shift things a bit.

Let’s look at chaos: Lots of things, suddenly, not in the way we wanted, not making sense. Not only we cannot stick to plans, but it becomes difficult to even make plans, because we can’t know what is going to happen the next month, week, day sometimes. It looks like mass destruction of any sense of certainty we might hang on to. And your spiritual friend will tell you you need to go with the flow, but a minimum of knowing what’s happening helps with staying sane.

If you’re a human, it only normal that you will feel some degree of frustration, anger, impatience…

On the other side of chaos

What would be another way to look at this absolute lack of structure, apparent destruction, non-sense? What can you do when there is no order, no rules? Pretty much anything!

No, I’m not talking about going all the way into total anarchy, I’m just saying that if you look at chaos from this point of view, you can see a lot of freedom in it.

It is a moment when every thing we know is being reinvented, which might feel like frightening, of course, because it’s a leap into the unknown. We don’t know what’s going to come up next, but it’s still freedom, and that can be very liberating!

Life doesn’t like void. When something is being destroyed, something takes its place, something else will be created, will happen.

Now this is interesting, isn’t it? The question becomes: “What is being created from this chaos, from this creative mess?”

And creation is often messy, it often goes in ten thousand directions (brainstorm, anyone?) before all the energy is channelled into one. On the spot it can feel like we are going nowhere. But afterwards, we can look back and recognise: “That’s when this began. Now I can see what the dynamic was, because now it makes sense and I can see where it went and how it grew into this beautiful thing.”

Welcome to creative mess

But on the moment, often, let’s be honest, it just feels painful. So why not, when you recognise you are feeling in a chaotic moment, decide to look at it from a creative mess perspective?

Ask yourself: “What is trying to be born here?”

Exploring the chaos and going through the frustration into creativity

Listen to the podcast to explore this with me, in a quick and easy way (the video version might be better because there are some visual cues). If you want a longer version, you can find it here in the Sparkling life toolkit.

In a nutshell, instead of pushing away the frustration, anger, whatever is there, we will in just a few minutes go through it and explore the relaxation that comes on the other side… And step into the relaxed creative mess.

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(Intro music for the podcast: “Tiny people”, by Alexei De Bronhe )

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