Finding community, The Evolve coliving (2, the creation), with Guillaume Perdrix – Integrally Alive podcast

Coliving is a fast-growing trend, and still new and evolving.

In this episode, You will discover what is coliving, how and why it is growing worldwide. Did you ever wonder about the dynamic of individual growth and collective support and evolution? Or how to empower people to give… and receive? Why coliving is an answer to many human needs and how to enhance this experience? Then this is for you!

You might want to listen to the first episode, where Guillaume and I talked a lot about resilience and human connection, and how he got to create Evolve coliving.

It’s all about empowering people … How can we enhance each other’s life?

On living together, finding community, setting intentions, empowering individuals, intentional coliving…

  • What is coliving? Guillaume makes distinction between house-sharing, community, coliving… And defines intentional coliving. [1:21]
  • The intention behind Evolve coliving, the space Guillaume created in Bali, and how it shapes the way people live together there. [4:41]
  • How the group supports the individual and the individual pushes the group. Coliving is still new, and the space itself keeps evolving as Guillaume and his guests are experimenting new ways to live and evolve together. [11:36]
  • As the community is growing, how Guillaume is creating and supporting engagement: We are not gonna oblige people to come, we just give people a variety of options that they can attend and where they can connect to the people who are coming to this place. Events are a great way for people to explore themselves. The core value: To help each others on our personal values and our own intentions. [14:10]
  • Creating space for Do-o-cracy: It’s all about empowering people … How can we enhance each other’s life? [20:01]
  • Guillaume’s ingredients for a great coliving space (see recap below) [21:17]
  • What are people looking for in coliving? Community is the number one reason. Coliving also enhances your life, allowing for example to live in places you couldn’t afford on your own, like amazing villas. But finding a community that gets you and supports you… that beats everything else. As human beings, we have basic needs, and coliving can be primarily aimed at one or another, depending on the main intention. [24:08]
  • Guillaume’s vision for the evolution of Evolve coliving and coliving in general. How he is finding the balance between the number of people staying, and the length of their stay: and his solution for giving the possibility to “test” the experience out while maintaining the integrity of the community. [28:38]
  • Why do we need community so much right now? How and why coliving is becoming more and more global. And we could support this growth. [34:27]

Who is Guillaume Perdrix

Guillaume is on a mission to democratize co-living and turn it into a global movement.
After running four co-living spaces, he decided to take it further and spread the awareness around co-living and empowering others to create their own spaces. He currently also hosts Evolve Co-Living, a communal co-living space dedicated to personal growth and transformation.

Where can you find Guillaume Perdrix & Evolve coliving

Guillaume’s ingredients for creating a great coliving space

It all starts and ends with the intention behind the space:

  • Know your key intention: Why are you doing it?
  • How will you manifest this intention into reality: housing, marketing, what people?
  • Crafting the best experience for guests? Taking care of your guests so they can dedicate themselves totally to their intention.
  • Building the community: making sure that the people living in the space share the same values, intentions, and are in the same stage of life.

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