Expressing your authentic self, with Monique DeBose – Integrally Alive Podcast

Monique DeBose is an award winning singer-songwriter and playwright. She has performed across the globe and recently for Quincy Jones. Monique has released two albums to great critical acclaim and is releasing her third, the Sovereign One on September 27, 2018. She has a deliciously non non-linear curriculum: Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics, holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and trained at The Groundlings Comedy Theater. She is also a mom, raising two conscious, loving boys.

Yet she didn’t sing in public until she was 18 years old and, in her own words, was terrified. And today she coaches people to Unleash their Authentic Voice. She supports individuals and organizations to gain clarity in who they are and what they are here to do. Monique supports people to use their ‘small voice’ to find and express their ‘BIG voice’ out in the world.

On authentic expression, creating on stage and in life, being seen…

  • [1:35] How did Monique go from shy to this radiant self-assured woman… The importance of finding your path and being sovereign of your life: being seen, and exploring the entire range of the human emotions. There is beauty and power in being a “Jack of all trade”, exploring life in a non-linear way, and it might even lead to build bridges where others see walls, like between music & art, and mathematics.
  • [6:04] The shift to become a full time professional performer. Why do we have such a hard time stepping into our power and creating the life we want? “Most people are not conscious they have power inside themselves.”
  • [12:00] About insecurity when we leap into the unknown: “There was something inside of me that was so hungry for actually feeling expressed, actually following what was whispering in my hears. And to me this has been so much more fulfilling than having a paycheck and a false sense of security.” Most of us go around like ghosts, without ever questioning ourselves: “What do I actually need, to feel secure and happy?
  • [13:30] What were some resistances you had to overcome? “I am on a journey of: What’s great and unique and amazing about you?” “I would be blown out of the game, and destroyed, if I stay in the comparison world.” “Comparing myself is a loosing game.” “Part of the journey have also be to be with the insecurity.” Sometimes the doubts and fears are showing the importance of what’s happening.
  • [16:50] Whatever we do in life, we are creators, and need to express our authentic deep truth: “We create so that we can take ourselves to the very next step. So I’m very curious to see what’s on the other side.” “Fears run us when we don’t give them an outlet.” “When you spend the time and are respectful to acknowledge what is actually present, that’s really all it needs, usually. Or that’s a huge piece of it to not let it become something that takes over your entire experience.”
  • [21:30] Expression of ourselves show up in our health too! Monique share her experience of healing her tumor through creating her shows. And how she dealt with expressing her truth, while respecting her family: “For your own health, you cannot be worried about what other people are going to experience. If it is in integrity and in service to what the essence of this project is, you have to share it.” Once it becomes bigger than you, than your family… There is no way to suppress the expression anymore.
  • [28:20] Monique’s art is definitely a growth experience: “Everybody is looking for connection.” Her workshops let “people coming in feeling safe to experience, and then what they experience is somebody who is very willing to be so vulnerable, and put all the cards on the table. And then, somebody who can hold the space to really facilitate others doing the same right there in the moment.
  • [32:58] “I am so much greater and have so much more capacity than I’ll ever think I do.” Monique shares the three foot toss trick to step into our great Self.

You can find Monique here:

The sovereign one, Monique’s third album is releasing today 27 september 2018.

And it is beautiful music, enchanting voice, and insightful lyrics… Don’t believe me, listen to her first single 😉

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