Don’t fit in the box… Hack the box, with Naretha Hopson – Integrally Alive podcast


Fear of rejection is among the biggest and most common fear we human beings have. It takes many faces, but usually, as a result, we try our best to fit in the box we are presented… Well Naretha Hopson says, Hack the box! She helps especially young people to own the impression they give, out of self-love and from authenticity, rather than a desperate need to belong: “I noticed I saw the void in my experience, and I knew how beneficial and helpful it would have been for me to know just those unspoken rules to have that little bit … Read more

Looking inward and changing yourself first, with Kim McDonnel – Integrally Alive podcast

02_integrally alive podcast_2018_07_14_kim_change

Kim McDonnel is a holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Counsellor, author of the book, “You Change, They Change: How to Take Control of Your Life by Losing Control Over Others”.   In today’s episode, Kim shares her own journey, healing her inner “sensitive child”, and multiple sclerosis, and the wisdom gained on the way: how the chemicals in our body influence our thoughts, toxic thoughts, resilience, why we need to express our emotions, and how to do it in a healthy way, tips to getting back into balance, and stopping to wait for others to change in order to move … Read more

Becoming an artist of life with Santiago Rafael – Integrally Alive podcast

01_integrally alive podcast_2018_07_06_santiago_dance_resilience

The first thing you notice when you meet Santiago, is his vibrant smile, and his joyful presence. He is a life coach, and founder of LAFAM, a movement spreading the art of being an artist of life. Yet a few years ago, his life was very different. He had severe arthritis,living in constant pain. He developed depression, and multiple addictions. In the podcast he shares his journey of transformation to becoming the vibrant artist of life he  is today. Thank you Santiago for this vulnerable sharing, on the up and downs of this journey until the foundation of L.A.F.A.M. (Lifestyle … Read more

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