A counter-intuitive way to solve problem quicker – Integrally Alive Podcast

I didn’t get him quite the result he wanted. But he got back later, to thank me.Did you ever had a quick fix that turned out to be the worst idea in the end? On problem solving, quick fixes, symptoms and self-care This was the day I got absolute confidence that slowing down is the surest way to solve problems quicker. Back when I was practising Shiatsu, I had the opportunity to work side by side with someone having an entirely different approach. She was much quicker, and began to rant about it, and some people began to look at … Read more

How to be ready to start – Integrally Alive Podcast

“How will you know when you are ready?” On being and feeling ready, imposter syndrome, and getting started… That is in essence one question that arose in a recent coaching call, when I heard my client say: “I’m not experienced enough, I’m not ready.”Sadly these doubts is wide-spread, and it’s getting us to stop before even getting started. Welcome imposter syndrome, bye-bye action! Back when I was about to take the exam at the end of my Shiatsu training, I found myself in a seminar with mixed levels, paired up for an exercise with a beginner. She was not confident, … Read more

Avoid Fomo by regulating your nervous system – Integrally Alive Podcast

Self-regulation begins by noticing your level of nervous excitement.

Is FOMO happening in your mind, or your body? On FOMO, nervous sytem regulation, parasympathetic vs sympathetic… Did you hear about The Embodiment Conference? OK, I might have told you about it. 😉 When we participate in such exciting events, it is easy to get our head buzzing with all the options, which all look interesting! Too many presentation to attend them all, yet all interesting. Oh, the excitement of reading the program, the joyful anticipation for the sessions… The dilemma of having to choose. Whenever we notice ourself entering this loop, we know it’s time to take a break. … Read more

Could going with the flow actually not be flowing at all?, with Claire Wild – Integrally Alive Podcast


Have you ever been in that space of trusting life so much, that you “go with the flow”, or “are in the moment”? That you can follow whatever happens, and adapt to any circumstances, easily and effortlessly? Or is it something you aspire to, as it is so trendy these days in the self-assessed spiritual sphere? On going with the flow, being in the moment, flowing, planning, respect, intention… Being in contact with the “spiritual” community for a while, I heard more than a few times this “I am going with the flow” statement. Usually associated with a pinch of … Read more

Victim mentality – Are you dealing with pain in a healthy way, or are you the victim of the circumstances?


A member of the Integrally alive community was asking recently: “How can one differentiate between doing something with a victim mentality and dealing with pain in a healthy way?“ Pain, big or small, comes and go in our life. Pretending it doesn’t is not only ineffective, it makes it a bigger problem.So, the first thing to do to deal with it is to acknowledge it is there. It is happening to (poor) me, says the victim Typically, in any given situation, the victim mentality will consider that it is happening to her/him, and there is little, if anything, to be … Read more

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