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If there was one thing you would do to create more balance in your life, what would it be?
I believe there are two main misconceptions about balance that if we turn them around, are big game-changers.

On balance, rhythm, collaboration, and finding your pulse…

Each year I take time to reflect on my business: What did happen, where I want to take it… This year I felt the need to take a longer pause, to really take time to reflect on the direction I want to give it, to show up best both for myself and for you.

Because, I don’t know if you noticed, but the world is kind of a giant mess these days.
Especially if like me you are in Europe, or other place with lockdown, curfew, and other restrictions, right now the world is completely out of balance. So in these conditions, feeling alive from the inside out feels both challenging and absolutely more than ever needed.

And something that helps a lot in feeling alive is balance in our life.

Balance is a movement

Balance is often thought as the middle point between two polarities that we oppose:

  • rest / action
  • emotions / intellect
  • planning / realisation
  • relaxed / stressed

We think about it as the middle point, a point to reach and where to stay.
But it is the flexibility to go back to the centre smoothly, without going to deep into any of the extreme.
Think about rather a gentle wave rather than a roller-coaster.

It is not a definitive state, not something you achieve once and for all. It is something we do, moment after moment: a movement, a coming back home.

Balance is a rhythm between two polarities

These polarities are not on a switch, like now I’m 100% resting, now I’m 100% in action.
There is space in between, there is a range, a spectrum. So where do we want to spend the most time? This is the home-base we want to go back to.

Balance is about finding the smooth rhythm in coming back to our home-base.

Balance is a bridge

We also see these polarities as opposite. We can do one or the other, we need to choose… Between self-care and work, work and relationships, emotions and intellect, or spirituality and money, etc.

So for example, we can be present to our emotions, but then we loose touch with our intellectual side. Another way of seeing balance is presence. What can you stay present to, or with? Unbalance is loosing touch with a part of our life, or our Self.

But truth is, all areas of our lives are connected, they affect, and are affected by each other. So instead of making them compete, why not make them collaborate?

A beautiful example for this is people with chronic disease. They need to take time for their health, and have no choice but honour it. So they have less time to spend on work, and as a result most of people I know in that case get really efficient.

Balance is not the middle point between two polarities. It’s a bridge. It is what links them in a way that support you the best.

Creating balance is like finding your pulse

It is the link between to polarities.

It is a regular rhythm, within a healthy range; ideally we know when we get out of range, and when to come back to our home-base.

It is personal, unique to our Self, and adapts to our circumstances to allow us to do what we want and need.

Where do you need more balance?

What are two (or more) areas in your life that are competing with each other?
Maybe it is something you do, like your professional life, your relationships, your self-care…
It might be something you embody, like your physical health, your emotions, your spirituality…

Which one do you struggle most to stay present to, to connect with?
What would it change for you if you could stay connected to this area, to this part of you life, of your Self?
What is the part you feel competing the most with it?
How could it be an ally instead?
How could one nourish the other?

What can you try to explore and find the pulse that links them together?

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