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Is FOMO happening in your mind, or your body?

On FOMO, nervous sytem regulation, parasympathetic vs sympathetic...

Did you hear about The Embodiment Conference? OK, I might have told you about it. 😉

When we participate in such exciting events, it is easy to get our head buzzing with all the options, which all look interesting! Too many presentation to attend them all, yet all interesting. Oh, the excitement of reading the program, the joyful anticipation for the sessions… The dilemma of having to choose.

Whenever we notice ourself entering this loop, we know it’s time to take a break. What incidence does it have on our nervous system? An hyper-arousal of our sympathetic nervous system. We’re sooo ready for action!

Here comes FOMO, and a tendency to over-do, without listening signals from the body to rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system).

How to self-regulate our nervous system when feeling FOMO or overwhelm?

Self-regulation begins by noticing your level of nervous excitement.

First notice:

  • The level of mental excitement, the thoughts rushing and/or running in circles in your head.
  • The level of physical excitement: muscle tone like you were ready for a run?, heartbeat, breathing pattern (holding your breath?)

Then self-regulate

STOP! Make a pause and let the thoughts tire themselves of running in circle.

Integrate the sessions you already attended

  • 1. write
  • 2. draw
  • 3. dance
  • 4. …

Express it out to take it in.

Do some calming activities (Be a cat for some time)

  • Caress a cat (That is, if it lets you 😉)
  • Stretch, slow movements focusing on sensing what is happening inside
  • Take a walk
  • Do the dishes
  • Laugh
  • Any activity that doesn’t require mental activity

What is your favorite “calming down activity”?

Notice your level of activation before engaging with another session.

Start by grounding, centering yourself: What do you need to arrive here / now?

A quick hack to self-regulate “under the radar” in public

Open your mouth ever so sightly (makes your jaws relax)
Exhale slowly, and breathe in a calm tempo.
Notice the points of contact of your body with the floor/chair/whatever is supporting you. Feel your weight.

Try it and feel free to come and drop your comments and questions on FB or IG.
I love these conversations, and I will reply.

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