The embodiment conference 2020: Beyond thinking, embodied solutions for busy people

Get out of your head, another way to be intelligent and efficient. You know how sometimes it looks like the only way to get things done and make anything happen is to understand the right choice within all the options and push through the overwhelm and the doubts, only to realise the fun is gone, there is too much in our head, and we feel increasingly disconnected and tired… B.u.s.y, life-is-an-endless-to-do-list syndrome. The problem? Looks like a thinking overdose! The solution? Get out of our head! Easier done than said? Let’s explore this together:

  • Is thinking that bad? (spoiler alert: It’s not, but…)
  • How relying (almost) only on thinking is limiting your intelligence?
  • What other resources can you use? (hint: em-body-ment conference)
  • How to go from making things happen to allowing things to emerge?
  • How to use this as a coach/facilitator.
  • And of course, how to hug elephants.

Sounds complicated? It’s not! You are already embodied! It is not about practices. It is a way of being… from the inside out.

Conscious leaders podcast, by Sylvia Jagla

We dove into many of the concepts of Integrally Alive, especially:

Ignite you life, for conscious leader: 35 real-life stories of becoming a conscious leader

You can read my chapter of this book in the Joyful power starting toolkit.

Movement unedited podcast, by Alyse Speyer

Movement Unedited – Bodymind Therapeutic Coaching Techniques with Claire Wild

Some topics we talked about:

  • How coaching & therapy complement each other.
  • The importance of storytelling in our life. What story are you telling yourself? It is not necessarily who you are. Neither is the story others are telling you, or the box you might be trying to fit into!
  • What really is resilience, often misunderstood.
  • The difference between pain and suffering… And the value of pain!
  • The biggest tip for growing resilience: “Yes, and…”. Resistance adds to suffering, so embracing what is, although it might seem difficult is the first step to healing, and asking for help if needed.

Dare to soar online summit, by Barbara Sher

Workshop: How to quit stress and live the life you choose. (9 February 2019)

On what stress really is, and how you can help your nervous system relax; how your body & mind react to challenges by default, and what you can do instead to grow resilience and free yourself from stress.

Women of strength TV: How I grew resilience in my life

Interview on Women of strength TV: On how I grew resilience in my life.

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