Claire Wild


Claire is a Bodymind transformational coach & facilitator on a mission to spread unapologetic embodiment.

She created her dream of living and sailing the world on her sailing-boat as soon as she finished studying. She lives out of the box and believes every human should feel free to live the life they want without sacrificing any part of themselves.

From her 10+ experience as an agent of change through Shiatsu (Japanese bodywork) and Somatic movement (Body-Mind Centering), she witnessed that most issues of her clients came from “being too much in their head”, and disembodied, leading to overwhelm, self-doubt and pushing beyond the limits, just to name a few…

Today she integrates these embodied approaches with NLP and other mind-based approaches into her 6 intelligences framework, to help unconventional humans tap into their inner resources to grow ease, confidence and resilience, as they balance their life while still creating the unapologetic life they want.

She is still nomad, loves ecstatic dancing and colorful clothes, and when you meet her, the first thing you will probably notice will be her smile. If you ask her why she is laughing, she’ll tell you: “Because I’m alive 😁”. And she will ask you: “What makes you feel alive?” (the signature question on her podcast).

Her style? Playful curiosity & Fierce love

claire_wild_bodymind_therapeutic_coach_facilitator_dancing at Integrally alive

She is a bodymind explorer!

Curious and seriously playful, open to what is: She listens and stay present, with fierce love; even with the uncomfortable and the difficult conversations, without trying to escape or be “positive”.

Technique is worth nothing without quality in presence.

Five things Claire is known for, in her words

  1. I smile and laugh a lot. So much so that people regularly ask me why. My only explanation is that I am alive.
  2. I faced two suicides: my father’s, and my brother’s.
  3. I lived and traveled on a sailing-boat for a few years.
  4. I am pretty much nomadic; slowly nomadic.
  5. My body can’t stay still with music… Moving, dancing, is a major way for me to feel alive. Damn, I even dance when others hear only silence!
  6. I keep on learning, expanding my limits, trying new things.

Yes, that is six. I am also a bit cheeky 😉

Want to know more?

The best place to start is podcast! Either mine here, or my interview here.