Claire Wild

I help people get out of their head and become six time more intelligent.

Claire_wild_bodymind_therapeutic_coach_facilitator at Integrally Alive

I am a Bodymind transformational coach & facilitator, on a mission to spread the ultimate freedom: the freedom to be unapologetically yourself and live the life you want.

In my private, and professional life, I witnessed too many people suppressing parts of themselves in order to fit in or “make it happen”, which lead them at the very least to boredom and a sense of “There is more to life than this”.

And maybe, to stress, anxiety and / or depression, burnout, and even suicidal thoughts, not to mention various chronic ailments… and often a sense of isolation, even if they didn’t feel lonely.

As long as we shut up, our story owns us, and it shuts us down. Yet we are the storytellers of our life, and magic happens when we take back the ownership on our story and start to choose it.

And when we reconnect to our-self and show up authentically, we can have deep connections with others, too.

My superpowers? Curiosity & Fierce love

claire_wild_bodymind_therapeutic_coach_facilitator_dancing at Integrally alive

I am an bodymind explorer! Curious and seriously playful, open to what is: I listen to you, and stay present, with fierce love; even with the uncomfortable and the difficult conversations, without trying to escape or be “positive”.

I think and live out of the box, integrating wisdom and tools from different systems and traditions.

If you resonate with that, contact me here.

Five things I am known for

  • I smile and laugh a lot. So much so that people regularly ask me why. My only explanation is that I am alive.
  • I faced two suicides: my father’s, and my brother’s.
  • I lived and traveled on a sailing-boat for a few years.
  • I am pretty much nomadic; slowly nomadic.
  • My body can’t stay still with music… Moving, dancing, is a major way for me to feel alive. Damn, I even dance when others hear only silence!
  • I keep on learning, expanding my limits, trying new things.

Yes, that is six. I am also a bit cheeky 😉

More on my story and Integrally alive here.

I am here for you

No technique is more important than the quality in presence. In my Shiatsu training, meditation was taught and embedded in the session: doing nothing, staying available to what is, listening with unconditional acceptance.

And because we are multidimensional beings, I support you with embodied physical & psychological approaches.

From that place, I can best facilitate the change you need in this moment, to release blocks and sparkle life: You are the expert of yourself, you have the answers within (even if they are so deep you can’t believe that)! I support you in listening to your inner wisdom to find clarity, and embody who you truly are.

I think and live out of the box, and my training and practice integrates wisdom and tools from different systems and traditions: From coaching, NLP and trauma healing, to Zen shiatsu (and traditional medicine) and various forms of bodywork, to somatic education through movement and touch (Body-Mind Centering), spiral somatic (think somatic meets NLP), breathwork and yoga

Beyond formal trainings, I believe life itself is full of opportunity to grow and learn skills, especially during my travels: Romiromi with the maoris in New-Zealand, voicework, Wim Hof technique… Always fascinated by how every modality is “same-same but different” as they say in the East: another perspective on the same body-mind-soul, enriching the big picture.