I help you get out of your head and become six time more intelligent.

Claire Wild, bodymind therapeutic coach and facilitator

“You realize you are an alien to me“, she said. I had unconventional answers to all of her questions.

I think and live out of the box, and I help people own their story: find the freedom to be themselves and live the life they want. And from that place, stress naturally shifts to resilience. And it becomes so much easier to find your people… Those who “get you” (You are not alone).

You see, I’m not trying to put you in a box. So I’m good at reconnecting you with all the parts of your authentic Self; and then finding clarity and possibilities to embody this in all areas of your life.
Because you are multidimensional, and you need all of you to feel alive.

My story goes back a long way.

I learned resilience quite early on, when my life turned non politically-correct as my father suicided when I was a child. And I learned compassion, as I discovered that being different, people easily make you feel weird, broken and isolated.

Taking responsibility for myself made me discover my inner power, and set me on a life-long journey of exploring these mysteries we call life and human beings.
As I committed to live the life I choose, I succeeded in my own terms: for example living and traveling on my sailing-boat for some years.
And I refuse to settle in a life that is not true to myself, daring to leave my thirteen years long relationship and go travel alone again at thirty-six, finding a way to make it financially sustainable on the go.

Before you say “You’re so lucky”… (or did you hear that one too many times too?)

I have my struggles, too.

I know what it feels like to have people thinking I’m broken, and being sorry for me… Judging me on my story, not on who I am, not seeing my power. And I have often thought it was not OK to be me, and changed my story to make them feel comfortable.

On another side, the more I was seen as “strong” and courageous, the more difficult it was to ask for help, and to be heard when I did… Leading to a sense of “having to do it all by myself” and eventually overwhelm.
And that tends to transform the excitement of “being on the path”, into a necessary chore to “make it happen”.

Oh, and the thing with “success in your own terms”, is you don’t feel so successful! What some call courage, had me forgetting to acknowledge and celebrate my wins more than once.

But were I’ve been held back the most in life, despite always creating the life I wanted, is feeling isolated. See, being an outsider comes with great freedom; yet after a time of always being “the weird one”, you just wish you didn’t have to explain or even justify who you are all the time.
I’ve come to discover though, that everyone is secretly waiting to be heard, while silently holding on to their own “weird”.

Life is now!

If you are done with trying to fit into the box and want to live the life you choose instead.
Or if you are living your dream but have a sense of sacrificing parts of you to “make it happen”.
Then we should have a conversation.

And if you are still looking for your “whanau”, your extended family, your community, your tribe… We are here, join us.