Bonjour, I’m Claire

I help free spirits live the life they want from a place of relaxed energy and inner joy.


It took Claire years, and a lot of willpower, to make her dream happen: living and travelling on her sailing-boat. So after enjoying it for a while, it took some time to accept that her dream lifestyle had become a trap. She felt like she was living in a giant, energy and joy draining, to-do list, to get to the next step.
She decided to update her goals to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. That’s when she understood that listening to her thoughts over her body or her emotions like she had been doing until then wouldn’t work anymore. But she discovered that going into the opposite direction was as unbalanced: She had to find a way to make her rational, and physical, and emotional mind cooperate instead of compete.

Integrating embodiment-based practices like Body-Mind-Centering with mind-based approaches like NLP, she shifted from mind over body, “superhero” mode, to embodied intelligence and joyful power. She was then able to tap into a relaxed energy and creative focus that she now helps people find.

Here is her story:

From powering through to inner power

All my life I’ve been driven to live on my own terms, which led me to live and travel on my sailing-boat in my twenties. A few years later, it still looked like I was living my dream, but deep down it felt like a trap that needed a serious update.

When “deep down” became “right in my face”

That happened during a trance experience that was totally woo woo for me back then. Suddenly, I couldn’t ignore:

I thought I was resilient, but I was just strong.
I thought I was living intentionally, but I was just trapped in a never-ending to-do list.
I thought I was assertive, but I was just unapologetic.

I had been living listening to my mind over my body and emotions, considering my body like a machine to execute my will, and that was blown away!

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Bringing all of me into life

What followed was pretty much a rehabilitation in listening to my body, and emotions, and other intelligences, as well as my rational mind; both through real-life experiences and in formal studies.

I went on travelling while continuing to study the mysteries of Human beings, integrating more embodied practices like Shiatsu and Body-Mind-Centering with more mind-based approaches, like NLP, trance and authentic relating.

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You can relax into your inner power

From my own experience and also as a Shiatsu practitioner and Somatic facilitator first, and Coach now, I’ve witnessed that a lot if not most of our challenges come from considering that our rational mind equals our intelligence. That is often what makes the difference between powering through and inner power.

So I love bringing back body, emotions, and all our embodied intelligences in daily life, where we need it, as a way to reclaiming our resilience, creativity and assertiveness. Just in case you wonder: I’m not talking yoga & meditation morning routine with incense and crystals. And don’t even get me started on “meditative” music. I’m talking about simple principles and tools to implement in your day to be more resourceful even when everything goes crazy around you.

I am talking about showing up fully present in the world, with yourself and with others.

Five things about me

claire_wild_bodymind_therapeutic_coach_facilitator_dancing at Integrally alive
  1. I smile and laugh a lot. So much so that people regularly ask me why. My only explanation is: “Because I’m alive 😁”.
  2. I love learning, travelling, trying new things, meeting new people.
  3. I faced two suicides in my family. I’ve long been ashamed to talk about it until I understood silence participates in perpetuating this epidemic.
  4. I’ve been nomadic most of my adult life. Some of these years on a sailing-boat.
  5. My body can’t stay still with music… Moving, dancing, is a major way for me to feel alive. Damn, I even dance when others hear only silence!
  6. I love green and white tea. Drank in a ridiculously tiny cup.

Yes, that is six. I am also a bit cheeky 😉

And what about you?

Are you part of the Joyful power tribe?

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