This is not for everyone

  • You love exploring uncharted territories, and are open to self-exploration practices such as embodiment, mindfulness, and working with the unconscious mind. You are looking for a new way of solving the same old problems.
  • You are tired of trying 10-steps plans that work perfectly in your head and on paper, but never when you try to apply them in real life.
  • Instead of one more one size fits all techniques, you’d rather reclaim your power to create your own solutions, from simple principles.

You will love this approach even more if:

  • You believe life is too dramatic to be taken seriously.
  • You know mind & body are connected, and you sense it could help you more, but… What the hell does that mean in your day-to-day life?
  • You are ready to go beyond the mind over body approaches such as biohacking; but embodiment sounds either like you will need to practice some complicated long routine for years before seeing any result, or frankly too “out there” to be effective in daily life.
  • You study things when you need them, to apply them right away.
  • “Out there” and “magic” has got a different meaning since you did this meditation retreat; Or vision quest; Or hypnosis session… Whatever “woo woo” self-exploration experience(s) you tried. 😉

And you’re my favourite people to work with if …

  • You are still reading this page (seriously, I love you already!)
  • You are a solopreneur, like me.
  • You live out of the box. Even more so if you are location independent and love to live abroad, like me.

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