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Have you ever had something that you thought it was just impossible to do, and then somehow you looked at it with new eyes and you found another way to do it anyway?

On staircases, street art, the most important thing and taking decisions

Once upon a time when borders were open and we could go around the world as we wanted, I was in Rome. Going around one day I found a surprising staircase connecting two streets. At first I didn’t notice anything and went down into the beautiful Trastevere neighbourhood. But going back, heading to go upstairs this time, I saw it: There was a beautiful painting on the stairs, but it was made so that you could only see it going up, not down.

(yes that is the image on the video cover. I didn’t find any signature, if you know who painted it let me know)

I found the idea beautiful, and it is absolutely something we can apply in our life as well. Many times when we are in a situation that seems unclear and even more if there is a decision to be made. We struggle because there is a blind spot, something we don’t see. And this something we are missing would give a new meaning to the whole situation.

And most often we struggle to see it because we always went down these stairs. We always looked at it from the same eyes. But if we just go up for a change, just shift our point of view, then it’s suddenly obvious what we were missing before. So much so that either the situation becomes so clear that there is no problem anymore, or the decision becomes obvious.

A simple question to shift your point of view and get clarity

If you’re a regular listener/reader of Integrally Alive, you know I love simple processes for their elegant efficiency. What I’m sharing below was the only thing one of my client needed to take a big decision in their life this week. Hopefully it will help to you as well.

There is a pretty groovy way to do this somatically, if you’re interested, I will do another episode on this somatic exploration. For today we go with the rational mind instead.

What is a situation you need more clarity on? Maybe you even need to take a decision but feel stuck, or doubting between options? Just put it in somewhere in your mind, keep it for later.

Now think about what is the most important thing in your life right now. Is that maybe your business you want to take off the ground, or expand, scale? Or maybe your family, you want to spend time and quality time with them more? Or maybe you want to reconnect with your friends? Or maybe you need to reconnect with yourself, take more self care, more me-time more rest. What is the most important thing for you right now?

Now, keep that in mind and from that point of view, bring back the situation, or the the decision, whatever you thought about in the first place. What do you see now, about it, that you didn’t pay attention to before? How does that look like, from the point of view of the most important thing in your life? What impact would the first option have on the most important thing in your life right now? And if you chose another option? And if you choose another?

And maybe none of these options feel nice or desirable anymore, because they will impact what is the most important thing in your life right now in a not so nice way. But maybe from here you can see another option that you didn’t see before. I don’t know, maybe it’s a merging of two options, maybe it’s something new entirely.

But my guess is that from this point of view of what is most important in your life right now, you can see things differently and for sure, more clearly.

I’m curious as always to read your comments on my socials and discover all the ways you used this playful exploration.

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