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I didn’t get him quite the result he wanted. But he got back later, to thank me.
Did you ever had a quick fix that turned out to be the worst idea in the end?

On problem solving, quick fixes, symptoms and self-care

This was the day I got absolute confidence that slowing down is the surest way to solve problems quicker.

Back when I was practising Shiatsu, I had the opportunity to work side by side with someone having an entirely different approach. She was much quicker, and began to rant about it, and some people began to look at me like: “Yeah, she’s nice, but not really effective”.

I was used to scepticism about Shiatsu, but human as well, and I must say she had a point: she was much quicker. We had only got 30 minutes, and I was seeing only 3 persons, which was already super quick compared to how I usually operated.

And on top of it, unrealistic request like:”Fix my back so that I can get back to dancing”, from a guy whose back was in chronic pain from a much complex situation than just “I’m sore from the dancing”.

What happened the next day though, gave me bulletproof confidence in my approach: I saw them both.

The lady was completely exhausted, and couldn’t continue the sessions as the day before due to pain.
The man with back pain came to thank me: Our session made him realise that he was exhausted and what he really needed wasn’t to dance, it was to take care of himself and sleep. He woke up from the nap refreshed, with no back pain, and could happily dance in the evening and all day the next day.

Quick fixes are not the solution.

We like them because it seems as if the problem is solved quickly and nicely. But most often than not, it means we solved the symptom, not the cause.

So the result in the long run is that the same, or another symptom arises, and you’re back to square one.

Two ways to take your time for better and faster results

If you have an important task to do, even if you don’t have much time, remember that you are the most important element in the equation: Take time to make sure you are working in proper conditions, give your 100%, not your 200%… So that you can’t give your 100% for the whole time.

And in the problem you are solving, even if you don’t have much time, take time to identify the root cause, so that you get sure to solve this once and for all.

What is your most urgent struggle right now?

  • What is one thing you can do to to make sure to find the balance between giving it everything you can and taking care of yourself?
  • Are you sure this is the root of the problem? If not, take 10 minutes now and find the real cause.

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