I help solopreneurs be more resilient, efficient & unapologetic to find balance without giving up on their dream lifestyle… Even when they don’t have a problem (but something feels off).

Claire Wild, bodymind therapeutic coach and facilitator

You don’t need to feel bad to get better!

You’re fine, but a repetitive pattern shows up again and again in our life, and, well, you would be better without.

The thing is, this pattern helped you in the past, maybe for a long time. So your whole personal system is organised to work that way.

In other words, while your focus is on this pattern and its repercussion in your life, you’re missing the big picture: This pattern is not separated from everything else in your life, even if it feels like this. What if there was no problem, only a (eco-)system with broken relationships?

Your intelligence goes beyond thinking!

Your intelligence defines who you are and what you do in life. If you measure your “intelligence” by your ability to think… You are limiting yourself!

Integrally Alive is all about tapping into your inner resources, unlocking your potential to use different ways of learning, understanding and creating, so that you can outgrow overwhelm and relax into ease and fun, while growing efficiency and resilience.

If you have a vision for your life, and want to create it while enjoying the ride, let’s have a chat.

Do you wish you could…

  • get clearer and take decisions faster, and easier?
  • experience less overwhelm, independently of the situation?
  • forget the impostor syndrome or self-doubts and dare to be be more authentic?
  • know how to communicate better, especially to ask for help, even if you can do it all alone? (Yes, you can! And… you don’t have to!)
  • create without feeling like you’re pushing through a giant to-do list, and instead stay connected to the ease and fun of doing what you love?
  • manage your energy levels and your work/play balance more resiliently?

This approach is for you if:

  • You are tired of trying 10-steps plans that work perfectly on paper, but never when you try to apply them in real life.
  • You don’t want more one size fits all techniques, but want to reclaim your power to create your own solutions, from simple principles.
  • You are aware that mind and body are related, beyond what you already experienced, and you sense that it might be a key to unlock untapped potential.
  • You are ready to go beyond the mind over body approaches like biohacking; but embodiment sounds either like you will need to practice some complicated long routine for years before seeing any result, or frankly too “out there” to be effective in daily life.
  • You are looking for a new way of solving the same old problems

Welcome to unapologetic embodiment!

Our thinking mind likes to believe it IS our intelligence and runs the show. However, it is just like a kid believing he can have and do whatever he wants… Without realising the ones really making this possible are his parents.

If you want to embody your unapologetic Self into your life, you’d more than likely enjoy a conversation.