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We all know those moments, when you reached the bottom of your “going down spiral”? The “enough is enough!” reaction, that makes us do things we didn’t think we could do. In this episode, we have a few examples of that, and we go in depth about how they help us evolve, and go from pushing through life, to creating your life.

In next week’s episode, Sylvia shares more about the work she’s doing today, especially on burnout and resilience.

Until the deepest down, when you just say: “OK, now it’s enough! “. And you are done with fighting, and you just start to create.

On crisis, pushing through and resilience, being weird, going down, and living a life true to yourself…

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The shifting moment for Sylvia: When she decided that life was happening for her instead of to her (which for her is the key to shifting from pushing through, to resilience). When we reach the “bottom” and find the rebound. [1:45]
  • Sylvia’s challenges as a foreign child, and how she overcame being the weirdo & the perfect victim, from isolated to the coolest kid on the block. [4:54]
  • It is really easy the weird one. We admire people to show up in their weirdness, and at the same time, why are we then so afraid to be authentic. [9:53]
    • “I never could understand that we beat up people who are living up their truth, and living a life true to themselves, and not to others.” Sylvia Jagla
    • You never know where someone is coming from and what they are going through right now. Yet we all tend to judge people on appearance: No matter what you see, be aware that there is a whole different world behind this.” Sylvia Jagla
  • When we are OK with our weirdness, we realize everyone is weird, in their own way. When you can own that, you can actually allow other people to own that for them too, and you meet at another level. It is much more vulnerable, but it is much more authentic, too.[14:38]
  • The beginning of being adult: Sylvia went to live on her own at the age of sixteen, studying and working on the weekends. And that was only the beginning of a lot of responsibilities for a young women. This time owning totally her “weirdness”, and with the firm choice of NOT being a victim of her life. [15:00]
    • I think I have been a free-spirit for ever; I think there was never ever a different version of myself.” Sylvia Jagla
  • From getting into depression, while staying “functional” to still keep the flat and be responsible for her brother… To pushing it away and celebrating, with a “happy-face”. Isolation and loneliness are very different: “From all my friends, nobody could understand what’s going on with me and at some point I couldn’t understand myself.” Sylvia Jagla [20:11]
  • The beginning of a deep healing: “I made the decision, that I go now for what I want in life. The deepest you push me, the highest I am gonna sky-rocket.” Sylvia Jagla [25:00]
    • How she got her first job: without graduating, or any time to prepare in any way. Just the unshakable knowing that she needed this. The first step, to going towards the life she though was good for her.
    • “That was my personal realization, that no matter how stupid the situation seems, and how challenging the circumstances seem, focus on the solution and trust that it’s gonna be all right.” Sylvia Jagla
  • The power of the moments of crisis: transforming ourselves into someone we didn’t even think we could be. They push us to align everything we are to go forward, because there is no turning back. [30:28]
    • You have to make a decision and see the big picture for you, and this is going to allow you to create the resilience no matter how tough the time is.” Sylvia Jagla
  • Finding resilience for yourself… and for people around you: the impact of being responsible for her brother. [35:46]
  • The big difference between “pushing through” and resilience. And how can you build resilience without being forced into such tragic situations? [38:23]
  • From broke to success, and supporting a friend through the aftermath of his burnout. When Sylvia asked herself: “At the end of the day, is it truly the life true to myself, and not to others?” [40:25]
  • The “resilience training”: the shift to traveling to India for a Yoga teacher and therapy training. How Sylvia left everything behind her, to “go further”. [45:00]
    • I wanted to look into myself and see if there is still something that is unsolved after so many years, and see how I can evolve as a human being.” Sylvia Jagla
    • And going through this experiences, with ups and downs, Sylvia started to shift. “And when I started to shift, that is when I started to go into self-sabotage.” Sylvia Jagla
  • How she evolved in a life she was craving for, but couldn’t foresee. [51:00]
  • And the ritual question: Sylvia, what makes you feel alive? [55:43]

Who is Sylvia Jagla?

Sylvia is a free spirit woman who used her life story as fuel to build the life and business she loves.
Her life today is full of traveling, connecting and supporting others.

She is a leadership coach, and a women’s burnout & resilience mentor…
Shes helps driven entrepreneurs and professionals who work remotely and kinda feel that they lost their way, to create their own “Having it all”.

Her motto: Trust the process while hacking your work-life-flow.

Where can you find Sylvia Jagla?

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