Everyone should be given the knowledge and tools to be Integrally Alive

We all are alive, but how many of us are feeling alive? And how many are feeling alive-ish, and not so excited to get up in the morning? How many are suppressing parts of themselves to fit in a life that is not congruent with who they are?

  • Well, a lot fall into the second case
  • The number 1 regret is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” (The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Bonnie Ware).
  • And depression will be “the second leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020”, wrote the World Health Organization in a report from 2012, and the situation only got worse since.

Integrally Alive is a movement sparkling life, through resilience

Integrally Alive is a movement sparkling life, to empower the transformation from alive-ish to Integrally Alive, with information, transformational tools, and community.

How? I help you shift from stressed, to resilient: empowered to stay connected to life when shit happens. And when do you feel connected to life? When you are allowed to express the whole of who you are.

Through the Sparkling life programs

Online programs & live events, integrating my 10+ years experience as a Bodymind Therapeutic Coach / facilitator.

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In the blog and podcast

My guests and I share stories, wisdom, and tools, of resilience and transformation from alive-ish to alive.

As a community

It is a safe space to find acknowledgment and support throughout the journey.

You can create the life you choose!


“technically” functioning, breathing, the heart is beating… Yet a more or less important part of him/her is suppressed, missing, or even dead. Victim of circumstances, (s)he is not expressing her/his full power. Can’t see or believe a possible change. Feels isolated: Either don’t believe anyone cares or wants to listen and / or life is “good”, so feels that (s)he shouldn’t complain. When wakes up in the morning, wishes (s)he was inspired and excited to get up.

Integrally Alive

I know who I am, and what a fulfilling life means to me. I live intentionally. I embody all of my intelligences (physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, relational, spiritual). I feel connected, vibrant and alive.

I have an experiential knowledge of physical and mental health; actually I believe there is no point in separating the two, because I am a body-mind, a whole human being, and every aspect of myself is integrated. It gives me the resilience to navigate through the ups and downs of life, to acknowledge pain when/if it comes, and use my integrative medicine bag to sparkle life again.

When I wake up in the morning, I am excited by the day to come and can’t wait for it to begin.