Live the life you choose without losing yourself on the way


When it looks like success, but feels like a trap

Between powering through to “make your best life happen”, and killing your ego to let the Universe “manifest your true mission”, there is another way.

Reclaim relaxed energy and inner joy

From powering through to inner power

More and more we are encouraged to develop superpowers and use our willpower to get to where we want in life. The big problem with that? It’s working! When you become a machine, you get results.

That is, until you need a reset. Some call it “I’m very very busy.” Others “I’m a bit tired”; Or “overwhelmed, disconnected, bored”… Pick your flavour.

Navigating in this up and down cycle feels like we’ve got everything under control, but really we are always on the edge. And it soon looks more and more like success, but deep-down, it feels like a trap: we need so much energy to stay on focus & make it work, and we wonder where the fun has gone.

“I’m human” shouldn’t be an excuse, it is our greatest power

One day we realise that, after all, we are a human, with a body, with emotions. We are not machines with a brain, and we can’t sustain this rhythm forever… And it might not sound like good news, but it actually is a liberation: We don’t need superpowers!

We have a body, we have emotions. And as long as we view it as limits to our plans, we are “only human”.
But when we make our thoughts, emotions and body cooperate, we become “powerfully Human”.

When we measure your “intelligence” by our ability to think… We are limiting ourself!

Your intellectual mind, your ability to think rationally, is only one of your intelligences. The fact is, you are already using your other types of intelligences (physical, emotional, relational, …). But how consciously are you using them?

Bring all of you into life!


From strong to resilient


From trapped in a giant to-do list to living intentionally

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From unapologetic to assertive

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Claire Wild Integrally alive bodymind coaching

Bonjour, I’m Claire.

I help Humans tired of being superheroes.

It took me years, and a lot of willpower, to make my dream happen: living and travelling on my sailing-boat. So after enjoying it for a while, it took some time to accept that my dream lifestyle had become a trap. I felt like I was living in a giant, energy and joy draining, to-do list, to get to the next step.

I decided to update my goals to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. That’s when I understood that listening to my thoughts over my body or my emotions like I had been doing until then wouldn’t work anymore. But I soon discovered that going into the opposite direction was as unbalanced: I had to find a way to make my rational, and physical, and emotional mind cooperate instead of compete.

Integrating embodiment-based practices like Body-Mind-Centering with mind-based approaches like NLP, I shifted from mind over body, “superhero” mode, to embodied intelligence and joyful power. I was then able to tap into a relaxed energy and creative focus that I now help people develop. It makes it so much easier to live the life you want!

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