Therapeutic coaching for out of the box thinkers.

Free to live a life true to yourself, without sacrificing any part of you.

Claire Wild, bodymind therapeutic coach and facilitator

Are you a free spirit trying to fit in a box that’s not yours?

Or living your dream, but sacrificing parts of you to “make it happen”?

When they struggle, most people feel isolated and think that there is something wrong with them… The truth is, they are often just trying to fit in the wrong box for them and just haven’t found their tribe yet.

Most people think that there is only one or two ways of doing things… But two option is not a choice, it is a dilemma! Life has so much more imagination that we do.

Most people think that intelligence is all in the head… Yet our physical, emotional, relational, spiritual Self are equally wise. We are mutidimensional beings and we need need all of these awarenesses to work together as a system.

Here we sparkle life

If you nodded yes to any of these… You found your tribe!

We dare awareness

We acknowledge the elephants in the room: Because where there is no problem, there can be no solution. so we bring clarity into our lives, making it possible to find solutions where before there was only confusion. We also acknowledge every part of ourselves, so that instead of competing against each other, they work together as a system.

We create freedom

We playfully use our imagination to create possibilities: rather than asking “if”, we assume the answer is YES!, and ask “what if”, and “how”.

We nourish connection

We dare to drop the mask(s), because we know that being true and kind to ourselves is the only way we are going to create fulfilling relationships, and a life we are impatient to get up to every morning.

Life is now!

If you are committed to live a life true to yourself, without sacrificing any part of you, we should talk.